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Worker Files $16 Million Lawsuit For Injuries in Construction Accident

The lone survivor of a Toronto construction accident from December of 2009 has reportedly filed a $16.3 million suit under the Occupational Health and Safety Act against Metron Construction of Toronto and Swing N Scaff of Ottawa.  The worker is seeking damages from an incident that occurred last Christmas Eve, when a scaffolding structure broke and killed four men. The suit follows 61 charges by the Canadian Ministry of Labor against the same two companies and a number of their officials.

According to the Globe and Mail, the lawsuit is being filed by Dilshod Marupov, a 22-year-old worker from Uzbekistan who was repairing balconies on a Toronto apartment building when the scaffolding he was using snapped in half, causing him to fall 13 stories to the ground. Both of Marupov’s legs were crushed and his spine was broken, forcing him to stay in the hospital for several months. All other workers who fell from the scaffolding were killed.

Charges filed against Metron Construction of Toronto and Swing N Scaff of Ottawa include failure to ensure that workers were provided with proper devices to protect them from falling, and failure to make certain that the work platform was not overloaded.  “We are suing them because we think they have a duty that they didn’t exercise properly,” said Marupov’s lawyer, William Friedman.

Unfortunately, such workplace accidents are common in Washington as well.  While OSHA reports a declining trend in deaths from workplace accidents, workplace injuries remain at unacceptably high levels.  If you have been seriously injured in a workplace accident, contact a Washington workers’ compensation attorney to help you recover damages including medical costs, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering.

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