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Workers Comp Worldwide: Injured Worker Prompts Fines in Australia

Safety is no Hazard

Weldlok and Fluid Tech Hyrdaulics Pty Ltd, two Australian companies, have been hit with fines after a worker suffered devastating injuries related to failures in safety protocols.

Each state in Australia is covered by a different regional workers compensation system.  The WorkCover Authority of New South Wales is the government institution overseeing the protections of workers and ensuring that employers maintain safety standards.  WorkCover NSW enforces the occupational and safety law and the Workers Compensation Act of 1987.  WorkCover is ultimately responsible for both preparing protocols of safe practice and launching investigations when these protocols fail or are ignored.

The accident unfolded as follows: On October 13, 2006 Hasib Kamenjasevic, a 63 year old shift supervisor was changing over gas lines  from empty to highly pressurized tanks containing oxygen, a highly volatile gas when in isolated form.  The lines experienced an explosion, breaking the hoses away from the tanks and striking Mr. Kamenjasevic with high force in the face and head.  He ultimately suffered extensive injuries to his

The WorkCover investigation discovered both companies failed to adhere to series of safety standards that could have prevented this serious accident.  Among other things, it was found that Fluid Tech was employing a hose designated for hydraulics rather than high-pressure oxygen.  Weldlock also should have carried out a standard risk assessment that could have discovered the misuse of these hoses.  Ultimately, Weldlok was fined $6,000 and Fluid Tech Hyrdaulics was fined $95,000.

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