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Worker Alert: Seattle Construction Worker Dies in Belltown Accident

Construction AccidentOn September 15th, a construction worker died in an accident at the McGuire Building in Belltown, which is in the process of being torn down.  The 40 year old man was injured on the 22nd floor of the doomed building and a crane had to lower him to the ground before paramedics could perform CPR.

Although paramedics attempted to revive him, he died from what appeared to be severe neck trauma, according to Seattle Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore.

The McGuire building’s history is already unfortunate.  The structure, finished in April 2001 at a cost $32 million, was found to have a range of defects in 2010.  The defects include internal rusting cables and other significant structural flaws, according to the Seattle Times.  Residents were forced to vacate the building in 2010.

Hundreds of residents and business owners who live and work in a modern, 25-story Belltown apartment building were told over the weekend to move out as soon as possible because of major structural flaws found in the building.

LVI Services, a New York based demolition company, employed the worker.  Hector Castro, a spokesman for the Department of Labor and Industries, said the man was driving a Bobcat to remove debris when he was injured.  There continues to be conflicting reports on how the fatality occurred.

The Department of Labor and Industries is investigating.

This unfortunate death in the very heart of our city serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of construction work.  According to L & I statistics this was the 32nd work-related fatality in Washington state this year and the fourth in the construction industry.

Injured workers should first seek medical care then contact an experienced Washington Workers Compensation Attorney at Emery Reddy to assist them in filing their workers comp claim with the Department of Labor & Industries.

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