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Ad Campaign Celebrates Workers

General Electric recently launched a set of advertisements featuring their employees – at work in several industries – and celebrating the central contributions they make to companies, the U.S. economy, and to the broader communities they serve.

In one ad, workers who build jet engines describe the meticulous precision of their labor as they watch a plane take off propelled by engines they built: a smile of pride is spread across every face. In another, workers in a plant that assembles medical scanning machinery get a visit from cancer survivors whose treatment included scans by the devices. In a third, workers who make engine turbines are honored and toasted at their local pub because without them, there wouldn’t be cold beer.

Of course General Electric’s primary concern here is to foreground its own impact on every day life and show itself as a leader in technology on multiple fronts. But of course all of us want our work to be valued by society, and in many cases, blue-collar workers are portrayed in an unflattering manner – if they are represented at all (which statistically is rare). So what seems striking about the campaign is its emphasis on workers as the real backbone of the American economy (rather than the so-called “job creator” class).

If our manufacturing sector is to thrive, we must respect and appreciate its workers. Younger generations should see images reinforcing a sense that skilled labor is a valuable foundation of the workforce. GE has achieved this in their latest ad campaign and created a way for workers to show the vital contributions they make.

Also noteworthy are the innovative ways that the ad campaign directly reaches out to blue-collar laborers through social networking. General Electric has launched a website encouraging individuals to participate in its “Celebrate and Power What Works” campaign. Visitors post photos and vote on their favorites, hooking into Facebook and entering to win prizes. For every interaction with the site, GE donates $1 to a non-profit group supporting workers, with a new non-profit recipient each week, giving up to $10,000 to each. Past groups that benefited from this campaign include: Veterans Green Jobs, College for Every Student, Hire Heroes USA, and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

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