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Cancer Concern Over TSA Airport Body Scanners

TSA Body ScannerAccording to an increasing number of scientific and medical studies, the newest generation of TSA airport body scanners – Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scanners – may pose an increased threat of cancer*. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) insists the scanners are completely benign, citing independent studies indicating that radiation levels are below acceptable limits. Yet, according to some doctors, even a small dose of ionizing radiation emitted by machines can pose a danger.

The TSA has installed about 250 of body scanners in more than 40 U.S. airports.

*To proceed beyond mere speculation as to causation, a competent physician would have to indicate that the workplace exposure for a substantial period of time to the radiation from airport scanning was at least a material, contributory, causative factor in the onset or progression of a worker’s cancer condition.

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