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Football Players Sue NFL For Workers’ Compensation; Head Injury Risk Continues to Grow

In the wake of overwhelming scientific evidence of the long-term damage caused by head injuries, NFL players are increasingly seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Hopefully the NFL will also ramp up measures to protect players from the most serious forms of injury – some of which lead to permanent disability. But of course some level of injury will remain inevitable in a full-contact sport where the high stakes of winning and competition drive players to remarkably aggressive play.  Fortunately, our system of workers’ compensation benefits serves to protect all injured workers.

Recently, an ESPN article highlighted this phenomenon:

“Playing professional football is inherently dangerous, but the known risks do not prevent players — and former players — from filing workers’ compensation claims against teams, courts have ruled. And while an individual compensation award might cost a team just $20,000, the changing types of claims being filed could end up costing teams millions of dollars a year.”

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

This discussion also notes that NFL teams could be liable for millions in annual claim payments; indeed, at least one insurance company that worked with the NFL projects that workers’ compensation costs may force drastic changes in how the game is played on the field. It seems highly unfortunately that financial cost, not regard for the safety of human beings who are paid to entertain us, could be the final catalyst for this much-needed change.

Take a moment to read this article for a comprehensive discussion of how the serious and long-lasting effects of head injuries – and all other injuries – in football. The issue is not only critical for professional players and their fans, but also for parents, young children and adolescents who risk serious and sometimes irreparable harm from injuries incurred playing amateur football.

ESPN report on a tragic incident where a young football player was paralyzed during an on-the-field play.

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