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Third Party Claim Attorneys in Washington State

 A third-party claim can be filed against the individuals or companies whose negligence caused your injuries. Yet many third party injuries are not as straightforward as they initially seem. These cases can require careful investigation and a comprehensive understanding of liability law to identify a negligent third party and hold that individual or company accountable for your injury. Small errors or oversights in the initial claims process can significantly compromise the chances of a successful suit, and limit the financial compensation and benefits you receive.

The attorneys at Emery Reddy have built a practice dedicated to the rights of injured workers and residents of Washington State. We routinely try successful third party injury cases, and identify negligent parties so that you receive the full benefits you deserve.

 Recover the Maximum Compensation for Your Third Party Injury

 In the Construction industry, the daily operations of a building project are notorious for dangers to workers. Even when safety precautions are in place, a hard-working construction crew can experience high levels of injury. Many times the main contractor or sub-contractor is automatically presumed to be the responsible party, which would make the case a workers compensation claim and limit the amount of benefits an injured employee could collect. However, close examination can show that a faulty tool or defective piece of construction equipment actually caused the injury. Many such construction site injuries fall within the category of a third party injury, and do not place restrictions on the amount of damages a plaintiff can seek in a lawsuit.

Delivery drivers face risks on the road and can sustain injuries in car and truck accidents through no fault of their own. A regular workday can turn into a catastrophic event when someone is seriously injured in a traffic accident. If the car involved has a defective part, a product liability suit can be filed against that manufacturer.  Additionally, when a car is improperly maintained by a mechanic’s business, the plaintiff can bring a personal injury suit against that company.

 Contact a Washington Third Party Attorney

If you have been injured in the workplace and believe a third party might be responsible, you can trust expertise and hard work of Emery Reddy’s third party injury attorneys. Contact us today to discuss the details of your construction site accident or product liability case. We also help workers negotiate with the Department of Labor and Industries for a Washington L&I claim, and can assist with a denied L&I claim or independent medical examination.

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