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Washington Third Party Claim Attorneys

construction accidentThird-party claims are generally brought against private individuals or companies when their negligence caused your accident. Yet oftentimes a third party injury is more complicated that it may initially appear. Many such cases require methodical investigation and a far-reaching knowledge of third party liability law in order to accurately identify and hold a third party accountable. Even seemingly irrelevant oversights or errors in the claim process can undermine the success of a lawsuit, or reduce the monetary award and benefits you receive.

Recover the maximum compensation for third party injuries

The legal team at Emery Reddy has built its reputation by tirelessly fighting on behalf of injured workers and other individuals in Washington State. We regularly manage – and win – third party injury cases, and ensure that our clients get the maximum benefits to which they are entitled from parties that contributed to their accident, illness or disability.

Third Party Workers Compensation Claims

Third party claims are especially common at construction sites, which can be filled with dangerous machinery and other safety hazards. Even when site managers take routine safety precautions, a responsible and hard-working construction crew can suffer from unexpected injuries. This is because the primary contractor or sub-contractor is not always directly at fault (in which case the injury would be considered a workers compensation claim, and come with restraint on the total amount of benefits an injured employee could seek). Many times, on closer examination an experienced lawyer will find that a defective tool or piece of equipment caused the worker injury. In this way, a great number of construction site injuries qualify as third party liability cases, which do not limit the amount of damages an injured party can pursue in a lawsuit.

Another vulnerable group includes delivery truck drivers, who work in inherently hazardous conditions simply by spending their days on the road where they are at risk of a car or truck accident. If a defect in the car or another driver caused your accident, contact a third party claim attorney today.

Third Party Injury Attorneys

If you have experience workplace that was caused by the negligence of a third party, trust your case to the expertise of a Third Party Injury Attorney at Emery Reddy. We ca also negotiate with the Department of Labor and Industries during your Washington L&I claim, and help workers negotiate a reversal in the case of a denied L&I claim or independent medical examination.

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