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Looking for a Job? Consider a Move to Oman!

American JobsAs reported in a recent story by the New York Times, only 1 in 4 Americans consider it is a good time to find a job. That compares to about one in three people worldwide, as shown in Gallup surveys just conducted in 146 countries.

If you believe the local individuals surveyed, Oman and Saudi Arabia are the best places in the world right now to find a job: 70% of the adults in each country think their local job market is strong. But the available jobs there may not be so tempting (at least by American standards). Per capita income was $26,900 in Oman and $24,500 in Saudi Arabia. In the U.S., that figure is  $49,000.

Some intriguing patterns are apparent in these stats.

Nearly every one of the ten most optimistic countries are developing economies. Singapore is the sole exception.

Economy Employee Poll

There are also a lot of variances among European countries regarding the economic outlook, even if their fates overlap:

Economy Employee Poll

Germans are relatively positive, with almost 50% saying it’s a good time to find a job in their area. This is far above the worldwide average.

Italians, Irish and Greek interviewees are gloomier. In Greece, 96% of respondent believe now is a bad time to get a job, with only 2% considering this a good time.

Labor and Industries Lawyer

Of course a tough job market is not the only difficulty facing American workers; even those who are employed may loose valuable days of work from a workers compensation injury or workplace accident. Moreover, Washington residents report considerable difficulty collecting benefits from Washington Labor & Industries. Contact a workers compensation attorney or Seattle third party claim lawyer if you need help managing your case.



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