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Fake Job Posting for Lululemon CEO Receives Flood of Applications

yogaHundreds of would-be Lululemon CEO’s are jockeying for the recently-vacant position, despite the fact that the job posting is clearly a joke.

Two days after the wildly popular yoga-clothing maker announced that CEO Christine Day would be stepping down, Lululemon pulled an irreverent stunt to show its lighter side.  Aspiring CEOs who answered to the fake open call had to meet some tough requirements, including fluency in Sanskrit, the ability to hold a headstand for 10 minutes, and speed dial access to Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey.

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Yet beyond those requirements, the position sounds quite alluring. Under the job description, the open call states “You report to no one, you are the CEO (duh).”

The light-hearted post follows some rough months for the athletic wear company earlier this year, which had to pull a popular line of yoga pants from shelves when customers discovered that they were see-through when they bent over.  Some yoga instructors even threatened to bring a Third Party Liability Claim against the company when pictures of their rear-ends were posted on the internet after teaching classes

The yoga-pant controversy required the company to slash its profit forecasts, and both the former CEO and the top product executive moved on from the company. So, while the posting claims that Lululemon’s CEO answers no one, whoever ultimately gets the job will be answering to shareholders.

Lululemon shares fell more than 3% after news of the see-through pants broke, and then dropped another 19% when Day announced she was stepping down as CEO on Monday.

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