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Emery Reddy Files $450,000 Claim Against Seattle for Negligence in Westlake Park Assault

Westlake Park

Westlake Park

Patrick Reddy, the attorney representing a concierge who was beaten by a mob in Westlake Park last summer, has filed a $450,000 claim against the city of Seattle for negligence in protecting the public from known dangers. View the full Komo News interview with Patrick Reddy and client.

Reddy’s client is Joseph Crudo, a Seaboard Building doorman and security guard who was bloodied, beaten and hospitalized by a group of youth after he yelled out to stop them from stealing another man’s backpack. At that point the group turned on Crudo.

The tort claim Reddy has filed on behalf of his client is a prerequisite to submitting a lawsuit against a government entity. Seattle now has 60 days to respond to the claim before Reddy can file a civil lawsuit.

According to Reddy, both his client and other business owners and residents in the Westlake Park area met with police to discuss the growing level of violence in that zone about 2.5 weeks before Crudo was attacked on July 18.

“They were seeing things getting worse and worse” and so requested a meeting with police officials from West Precinct, Reddy said. “The police responded that their hands were tied. … There was a meeting with the police prior to this incident and nothing was done.”

Reddy noted that criminal elements in Westlake Park know when shift changes will occur in police presence, and “it’s kind of free rein” during those windows.

Patrick Reddy is an experienced attorney who litigates injury claims, workers’ compensation claims, and employment law matters throughout Washington state.

The full story from Komo News is reprinted below:

Doorman beaten by Westlake mob files $450k claim against Seattle

SEATTLE — A doorman bloodied and beaten by a mob in Westlake Park last summer insists his attack could have been prevented.

The doorman, who works at the Seaboard Building condos, just slapped the city with a $450,000 claim, which he says would be used to pay for his medical bills. But more than anything, he wants to see more police presence in Westlake Park.

“I did everything I possibly could, I exhausted every option, and I got beat up — that’s incredible!” said Joey Crudo.

Crudo’s attorney says the city has given his client no choice but to threaten a lawsuit, alleging the brutal attack that left him bloodied and bruised could have been prevented.

“He met with Seattle police just a few weeks before and begged the city to do something to address these issues,” said Patrick Reddy. “Nothing was done.”

Two weeks later, Crudo was assaulted while working in Westlake Park. The doorman saw a group stealing out of a man’s backpack and yelled to warn him. The group then turned on Crudo.

“The 13-year-old boy tried to steal my wallet and I turned to him saw his face and I was knocked out — that was the last thing I saw,” Crudo said. “From what I hear, kids from all over the park just came over and beat me up.”

Seattle police won’t comment on possible litigation, but pointed us to crime stats on their website. Officers are assigned to the park everyday, but Crudo says they need to work Westlake 24-7.

Philip Craft, one of two Westlake Park Concierges assigned to the park full time, insists Westlake is a safety priority, but stresses people need to be smart.

“We are becoming a big city,” Craft said. “We have to be a little more safe and conscious of our environment, aware of what’s going on. All big cities have problems, we just have to be prudent.”

Crudo’s attorney also alleges that the 13-year-old involved in Crudo’s case has been involved in other crimes, and thinks police need to focus more on smaller crimes to prevent and deter bigger crimes.



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