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Seven Essential Career Tips from Twitter

Many of us think LinkedIn is the go-to site for career advice. And of course it’s a great place to network — but it’s not always the sine qua non of professional guidance.  Sometimes wisdom can be captured in just a few short words. For those quick, convenient, but essential tips, Twitter (with its 140-character limit) can be significantly faster that reading shelves and shelves of career-advice books.


First, what do we mean by accountable? An accountable supervisor or employee, according to business expert Sam Silverstein, doesn’t make excuses, arrives on time, follows through when they indicate they’re going to do something, and exhibits other key qualities of a reliable coworker or manager.


One of the greatest qualities in a coworker is the willingness to help a teammate through a tough day. Be a supportive colleague by inviting a struggling coworker to join you for a quick walk: stepping outside for just a few minutes in the sun (with it’s dose of Vitamin D) can reduce or prevent crankiness at work.


Mutually respecting and appreciating those who work with you enhances your present and future success, according to CareerBliss. In order to be a positive coworker on a daily basis, make an effort to keep your office volume low (wear headphones!) and avoid interrupting the thoughts and concentration of others sharing the workspace.


In sum: your career is more important than your ego. Erin Kennedy, a career counselor and consultant on professional resumes, also tweets about how to prepare for job interviews by perfecting your resume and internalizing best practices for both employees and employers.

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Salam Slimsaad is a well known writer, editor, and etiquette consultant. Although her Twitter feed is filled with everyday advice on good etiquette, her guidance on work is straightforward: do NOT gossip about co-workers!


Fixating on comparisons between yourself to other employees can create a toxic work environment and even limit your own professional success. Good coworkers appreciate and capitalize on their office mates — which simultaneously helps enhance their own career as well.


Perhaps the best way to become a better coworker is to be a team player. This article echoes the advice of career coach Ray Cohen, who urges professionals to never throw co-workers under the bus. As Cohen explains, “Colleagues who trust and admire you will be your best support system to promote your reputation as desirable and valuable.”

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