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Seattle Ranked #1 City for Jobs by Forbes

seattle jobsSometime a willingness to move to locations with the hottest employment market is a job seeker’s greatest asset. To help workers with that determination, the financial site WalletHub examined cities with the strongest employment trends (and projections through 2015) alongside locations that job seekers should probably avoid.

They looked at the 150 most populous cities across the U.S. to determine best and worst cities for jobs in 2015, examining 16 metrics in the categories of “job market” and “socioeconomic environment.” WalletHub researchers drew on government data as well as information from Yelp, Indeed, and Gallup Healthways to assess trends and factors for each metropolitan area, including employment opportunities, job growth, median starting salary, median annual income, work hours and commute time, and housing costs.

The top-ranked cities are almost all founds in the western two thirds of the U.S.  The report ranked Seattle #1 in the U.S. for jobs, Following that strong showing for Washington was Des Moines, Iowa. Gilbert, Arizona ranked #3, partly owning to the fact that this is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates amongs high school graduates, and offers very affordable housing.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, also shows low unemployment for high school graduates, along with the lowest unemployment rates in the country for residents holding a bachelor degree. Fremont, California came in at #5 with one of the highest median annual incomes, after adjustment for cost of living.

The flip side of the story features cities where employment prospects are more bleak. San Bernardino in California earned the dubious distinction as the worst city for jobs in 2015. The city has experiences of the highest unemployment rates in the nation among residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Second to last is Moreno Valley, also in California.

To the surprise of few, Detroit came in at third from last. The motor city – once known for stable, high-paying working class jobs in the auto industry – now ranks among the cities with the smallest amount of employment opportunities, has a high unemployment rates for college grads, and one of the lowest median annual incomes in the U.S. One silver lining, at least, is that housing is dirt cheap! Any one want to buy a fixer-upper?

Hialeah in Florida comes after Detroit, also experiencing one of the highest unemployment rates for bachelor degree-holding residents and one of the lowest median annual incomes nationwide. The city also has one of the slowest growing economies in the country.

The takeaway: we’re more than just a great football town!

  • # 2 Best City For Jobs: Des Moines, Iowa

  • # 3 Best City For Jobs: Gilbert, Arizona

  • # 4 Best City For Jobs: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • # 5 Best City For Jobs: Fremont, California

  • # 6 Best City For Jobs: Chandler, Arizona

  • # 7 Best City For Jobs: Omaha, Nebraska

  • # 8 Best City For Jobs: Salt Lake City, Utah

  • # 9 Best City For Jobs: Scottsdale, Arizona

  • # 10 Best City For Jobs: Plano, Texas

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