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Who Tips Better: Republicans or Democrats?

If you rely on tips at your job, you’ll probably be interested in the results of a recent study on the most generous tippers. Results show that the  ideal customer is a Republican man from a northeastern state who’s using his credit card to pay.

That’s a pretty specific profile, of course, but according to a new survey from, those are the qualities that comprise the best tippers in the U.S.

Men, Republicans, Northeasterners, and credit/debit card users all tip a median 20% at restaurants, according to the study. Women averaged a 16% tip, while Southerners, Democrats, and people paying with cash came in at 15%.

Also, 1:5 people stiff their servers on occasion. Jerks.

While the study was largely focused on tipping at restaurants, it also examined gratuity habits at other locations where many people consider tipping much more optional.

Just 27% of hotel customers say they always tip their housekeeper, for example. Nearly one-third never do. Baristas have it a little better, with 29% of customers saying they always chip in a little extra for the people at coffee shops. (30% never do.)

People are notably more generous with their barbers and hair stylists, with 67% saying they always tip and only 12% saying they never do.

The more charitable attitude towards barbers and stylists makes sense, though. It’s always wise to be munificent to someone who has razor sharp scissors in the general area of your head and face



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