New LEGO Set with Stay-At-Home Dad and Working Mom

stay-at-home dad and working mom legoA cool new line from LEGO marks a positive step toward inclusivity for different kinds of families.

According to Fortune, the toy giant just released prototypes for a stay-at-home dad figure as part of a progressive new set that also features a young man using a wheelchair.

The stay-at-home dad and working mom (depicted in her “power suit”) is part of the Lego City line (which also, of course, includes the parent’s baby in a stroller). LEGO explained that these minifigures “mirror the world we live in today.”

For many men and women in the modern workforce, these new figures have been anticipated for many years. In March 2015, Elissa Strauss wrote an op-ed for The Week titled, “Boys need a stay-at-home dad LEGO figurine.”As she argued, “by playing with these LEGO sets, boys would not only get used to seeing men playing a larger role in domestic life, but come to think of it as fun too.”

With Pew reports showing a significant growth in the percentage of men who identify as stay-at-home dads, we can only expect that the need for these diverse families will continue to grow.

“We need to stay in tune with the world around us,” President of LEGO Systems Soren Torp Laursen told Fortune. “We aren’t responding to demand from anyone. We are trying to portray the world around us and listen to our consumer base.”

While the toymaker has been criticized in past years for promoting harmful gender stereotypes, LEGO has made progress in recent years with inclusive additions like female scientist minifigures.

We hope this stay-at-home dad figure signals greater representation of diverse families in all the future toys of LEGO and other brands as well!

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