Walmart CEO Claims to be an “Ordinary Associate” Like Other Company Workers

walmart worker compensationAt last week’s Code Conference, a tech convention in L.A. sponsored by the publication Re/code, Walmart’s CEO dodged a question about how to improve his employees’ lives by reportedly stating that like them, he himself is just another “associate.”

President and CEO Doug McMillon earns just under $10 million per year.

Business Insider ran the story following the Q&A session, when Businessweek journalist Brad Stone asked McMillon what steps he’s taking to improve life for Walmart’s 1.3 million retail associates. (Walmart claims that only 30,000 of those workers work for minimum wage, while many independent reports put the number of minimum-wage workers higher).

McMillon answered that he was “just another associate.” “I’m one of them,” he said, according to the Business Insider report.

Reciting the mantra used by Walmart execs to justify its abysmal wages, McMillon explained that the company gives low-level employees an “opportunity” to move up the Walmart ladder. He, for example, started by working in a Walmart warehouse.

He failed to mention the widely-circulated fact that Walmart associates cost taxpayers about $300 million a year in food stamps.

A public relations manager for Walmart declined to offer comments on McMillon’s remark.

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