Workers’ Compensation Benefits Increased by 4.2%

workers comp benefitsFor the majority of workers injured before July 2014, payments for time-loss and pension benefits will be raised by nearly 4.2 percent, based on changes in Washington state’s average wage. This increase was announced by the Department of Employment Security on June 24. The increase became effective July 1, 2015.

Some injured workers who are simultaneously receiving federal Social Security benefits may not be eligible for this cost-of-living increase. Please contact your workers’ compensation attorney to verify your entitlements.

State law in Washington mandates a recalculation of benefits every year to reflect fluctuations in the average wage rates from the previous year.

This increase also pertains to family members who receive pension benefits after a family member dies in a work-related accident or because of an occupational disease.

In light of the increase, the new maximum monthly benefit is set at $5,482, or 120% of the state’s average monthly wage. Under 4% of L&I claimants who collect wage-replacement benefits receive the maximum amount. Contact an L&I attorney to ensure that you receive the full level of workers compensation benefits you deserve.

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