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Seattle Social Security Disability Attorneys

Appeal Your Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

Even workers who meet all requirements for social security disability benefits commonly have their claims denied. However, a denial is not the final verdict. With an experienced team of disability lawyers, you can successfully appeal an unfavorable outcome. In fact, a Social Security Disability claim will not usually be approved without a hearing before an administrative law judge in Washington state. A skilled lawyer with ample experience in this area is essential to winning the benefits you deserve in your SSD claim.

The attorneys at Emery Reddy are dedicated to protecting disabled workers in Washington state by appealing denied benefits claims. While the process is complicated and often time-consuming, with aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation you can dramatically increase your chances of winning the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve.

If your benefits claim was denied, do not give up. Give us a call today. You have nothing to lose: we’ll assess whether you have a case for free, and there are no obligations to use our services.

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