I never would have gotten my L&I benefits without hiring Emery Reddy. I suffered a workplace injury in 2009, and have been unable to do any heavy lifting ever since. L&I wouldn’t cover a major part of my medical bills or physical therapy. After another law firm made no progress, I hired Emery Reddy and they started KICKING BUTT within days! Their team was on my case at all hours, and I now I’m finally getting reimbursed for medical bills plus extra medical procedures & physical therapy. I give these guys two thumbs up!!!

As a new small business owner, Emery Reddy made me feel comfortable and capable while going through the many ins and outs of starting a business (most specifically related to hiring employees). Their wealth of knowledge and ability to transfer that into language I could understand was impressive. Their response was timely, their work impeccable, and I truly felt like we were working together as a team. I highly recommend this law firm.

Emery Reddy