Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ Compensation Appeals Attorney

If your Workers’ Compensation or L&I claim was denied, you still have options. With the help of an experienced attorney, there are multiple stages of Workers’ Compensation appeals available to you. Our firm is committed to representing you through every stage of the process to ensure you receive the full medical and wage-loss benefits you deserve.

Appeal a Denied L&I Claim

If you need to appeal your Workers’ Compensation claim, the L&I attorneys at Emery Reddy will carefully examine the facts associated with your denied claim. Sometimes a small oversight in the initial application, or a miscommunication between your employer and L&I (or the private insurer) can lead to a denied claim. We will carefully review every detail of the case to ensure that all relevant evidence has been presented.

With years of extensive experience interpreting complicated insurance terminology and medical testimony, our Workers’ Compensation team is uniquely qualified to build the strongest case possible for injured clients. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of Washington workers, and will fight tirelessly to ensure they receive medical benefits, temporary and permanent disability compensation, wage replacement, funeral payments, death benefits, or other appropriate workers’ compensation benefits. Contact us today for a free consultation.

A Workers’ Compensation lawyer will help you recover:
  • Current and ongoing medical costs
  • Lost wages and lost potential income
  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Lost quality of life from a permanent injury, disability or other factors

We understand that many families depend on the income of an injured worker, and our Workers’ Compensation lawyers are dedicated to winning the benefits and compensation you deserve. Our practice was founded on a commitment to advocating for workers’ rights, and we are proud of our record protecting the injured and disabled. Contact one of our attorneys today for a free consultation on your back injury or workers’ compensation claim.

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Denied Workers Comp Claim

Denied Workers Comp Claim