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L&I Death Benefits

A workplace injury or occupational disease that results in death entitles the deceased’s spouse and dependents to L&I Death Benefits.

These can include a one-time payment to the deceased’s spouse or registered domestic partner, survivor pensions in the form of monthly payments, and burial benefits or reimbursements.

Pensions may be passed from the deceased to a spouse so long as the marriage occurred on or prior to the date the pension was granted and the marriage continued until the date of the pensioner’s death. Note that the pension is passed at a reduced rate. The pension, once passed, is then paid for the duration of the spouse’s lifetime.

Pensions can also be passed to children in the event that the deceased is single at the time of his or her death. Children can receive this pension until they are 18, or 23 if they are attending school full time. Totally disabled children can continue to receive a pension for the duration of their disability.

If you have questions about L&I death benefits or wish to discuss your eligibility, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney. Experienced L&I attorneys will typically provide a free consultation and explain your options.

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