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You may be entitled to monthly time-loss benefits paid in a structured settlement. If you are at least 50 years old and have an accepted L&I claim that is at least 180 days old, the attorneys at Emery | Reddy have vast experience in obtaining structured settlements for clients throughout Washington state. Your best chance to maximize your structured settlement is to is to create a winning strategy before the Department denies your structured settlement request.

We have successfully obtained and negotiated structured settlements for many of our clients. While it can be a complex and time-intensive process, it’s a process we intimately understand. We find that that having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney involved early on in the negotiation and settlement process is the key to increasing the total amount of these awards. There exists a wide range in settlement amounts – you need a lawyer who understands the process, knows how to leverage your legal rights, and is able to litigate your claim as necessary to increase the overall settlement amount.

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries says: “We strongly recommend workers and employers consider whether they would benefit from the advice of legal counsel and/or financial consultant.” If you think you may be eligible for a structured payment, call our structured settlement attorneys.

Whether or not you decide to hire Emery Reddy, please take the Department’s advice and consult with a lawyer, at minimum. It is critical that you fully understand the terms of the structured settlement agreement and the affect that it will have on your industrial insurance claims and future benefits, including social security and Medicare. For example, you must understand the possibility of a social security offset or of a Medicare lien and, at minimum, have a grasp on whether your condition is fixed and stable. You’ll also need to know your rights to future medical benefits and the procedure to enforce those rights, as well as the parameters of Medicare coverage in connection with your underlying industrial insurance claim. Settling without a complete understanding of these factors is a mistake we see occur too often, but one that can be avoided entirely with sound legal advice and representation from a talented team of workers’ compensation attorneys.

Our talented team of L&I attorneys will obtain the maximum possible settlement amount, while avoiding potential pitfalls. Part of our success is built on our reputation – we are known for litigating when the Department offers less than our clients deserve. Our reputation is built on courtroom victories at the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals in state and federal court.

Workers in Washington often get only a single opportunity to negotiate the total amount of a structured settlement award. Too often we hear of workers who call us after attempting the process on their own that they either settled for too little, or that the settlement process became derailed because they did not have the right team on their side. The Department has its own advocates that are focused on the Department’s interests, not the workers’ best interests. We will show you how to maximize your structured settlement. Get the peace of mind of knowing you are making the right decision. Call us. We’re here to help.

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