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Recovery From Jobsite Injuries

Our elite team of Seattle construction accident attorneys have decades of experience litigating construction injury cases. Our approach is unique. We leverage workplace injury and safety laws, such as Washington’s Title 51 workers’ compensation laws and OSHA requirements, in order to press your case in both state court and before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. Bringing all of these claims simultaneously is the only way to maximize your total recovery. We know. We do this every day.

Hire the right Seattle construction injury lawyers for the job
Construction injury law is a complex mix of workers’ compensation, negligence, and injury law. It’s easy to find a “personal injury attorney” with a simple Google search, but there are very few elite legal teams with in-depth knowledge of all of the practice areas that apply to a jobsite injury in Seattle. Before you hire a construction injury firm, ask them how they plan to simultaneously press your workers’ comp claims. Ask whether they understand how to use the workers’ comp claim to show violations of safety standards and negligence. Ask what other laws they plan on leveraging to win your case.

Your jobsite injury in Seattle requires a specialist
Think of it this way: Would you got to your primary doctor to treat a traumatic head injury? Of course not – you’d go to a specialist. The same concept is true of construction injuries. While any personal injury attorney is likely to be familiar with the basics, they simply don’t have the experience, skills, and resources available to someone who specializes in cases involving jobsite injuries in Seattle.

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