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Product Liability

The personal injury attorneys at Emery Reddy hold negligent parties accountable when innocent consumers are hurt by defective and dangerous products.

When we hear about defective products, the first images that generally come to mind are the dangerous toys that cause injury or death to children. While these remain alarmingly common today, product liability incidents are not limited to toys or even products recalled by manufacturers. Cases can involve almost any product that has a design flaw or manufacturing defect, that poses a health hazard to someone using it as it was meant to be used, or that does not include adequate warning of its potential hazard. These can range from automobiles to foods and medicines, to common household appliances.

Manufactures have a legal responsibility to ensure that the products they put into the marketplace are free of defects and safe for use. When their negligence causes injury to a consumer, the victim has a right to seek damages under Washington law.

If you believe you have a product liability case, our lawyers can help to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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