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Work Injury Lawyers

Emery | Reddy, PLLC deals with some of the most complicated work injury cases in the state. Our team of work injury lawyers has successfully litigated thousands of cases, and many to verdict. The bottom line: we try and win cases.

Inside The Insurance Companies

Our litigation team is staffed with former insurance defense lawyers, so we know what the industry is up to. We’ve spent a good part of our careers working for insurance companies defending claims and trying cases in court. We are litigators with extensive trial experience.

This means we understand how to set up a case for success at trial. It means our contacts at the defense bar run deep. It means that our strongest area is motions and trial practice in all of Washington’s state and federal courts. And it means we know how to build your case with the right experts, the right trial resources, and the best motions-practice strategy.

Our approach is unique and it works. We take even the toughest cases and our litigation team returns exceptional awards for our clients. We are committed to excellence in trial practice and injury representation.

Building A Case

The foundation of any successful injury representation in work injury law is built by gathering the right team of experts. Expert testimony is the cornerstone on which any good personal injury, construction injury, or third-party claim is built. We have assembled the best team of outside experts and injury attorneys in the state of Washington. It consists of accident reconstructionists, physicians, and economic loss experts. We work closely with this team to build a bulletproof case in anticipation of a trial. You won’t find a better team in the state of Washington.

Our Work Injury Lawyers Invest In Our Clients

Hiring us means you have a team of lawyers with skin in the game. We pay all expert costs in advance. We invest often and early in each case we accept. Hiring the right team of injury attorneys and investing in the best expert reports at the outset is key to positioning each case for a successful award. We engage some of the nation’s best physicians, accident reconstructionists, and economic loss experts to create winning expert reports and testimony. And we don’t recoup these advanced payments unless we win. Our record of recovering 99% of these investments says it all.