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Catastrophic and Serious Injuries

Serious Injury Cases

Emery Reddy’s injury claim attorneys represent victims of catastrophic or serious injuries caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of others. Catastrophic injuries are defined as severe, life-threatening injuries and illnesses that have long-term or permanent effects on a victim’s life. Some individuals who receive proper and early medical treatment can eventually recover, but most victims of catastrophic injuries require a lifetime of medical care from doctors, surgeons, and/or physical therapists, and may require the ongoing use of prescription drugs, medical devices, counseling and other forms of aid. Many victims experience permanent disability and can face a reduced life span as a result of their injuries. Examples of these cases include brain injury, severe burns, amputation, lost eyesight, paralysis, and other traumatic injuries.

Catastrophic injuries can be caused by anything from automobile collisions to construction accidents to defective products. Victims and their families not only struggle with the burden of the injury and the adversities that accompany it, but also face huge financial costs and emotional distress. If a negligent party is at fault for such an injury, a victim’s personal injury claim becomes an essential factor in shaping his or her future quality of life; successful claims will greatly impact the quality of that individual’s medical care and related support, and will help compensate the victim for lost earnings, loss of employment, and pain and suffering.

Each time we take on a personal injury case, we seek to understand the long-term needs and life-changing complications faced by our clients. We not only fight to represent your rights and ease your burdens; we also approach the unique circumstances of your case with the compassion and understanding you deserve. Our outstanding litigation record is the result of this personal commitment, and can become an essential step in helping you restore the fullest life possible.

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