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Our Philosophy

Emery Reddy, PLLC vs. the Typical Law Firm

Our L&I attorneys take pride in building a personal relationship with each client based on trust, respect, and a comprehensive understanding of their case and goals. Unlike most firms, we don’t rely on automated databases, call-prompt software, or associate attorneys who are unfamiliar with your case. Working in small, specialized in-house teams, we build a first-name relationship with each client and often develop lasting friendships with the people we serve.

We built our reputation for service by taking a highly selective approach to the cases we accept. This focus on fewer clients allows us to dedicate more of our time to winning your case.

We Focus on Results

Whether we litigate or settle for you, we focus on bottom-line solutions that provide clients with the maximum recovery in the shortest time possible. Other firms take the easy way out — they settle your claim for less than you deserve because they are unwilling to litigate, face time constraints, or have other cases they would rather try. If we take your claim, we pledge not to stop fighting until we get you every last dollar of the award you deserve.

We Never Stop Fighting for Our Clients

From the day we accept your claim to the day you’ve received your recovery, we won’t stop fighting for you. Many firms consider a settlement check or jury award the end of their work, leaving clients with a number of loose ends to negotiate on their own. At Emery | Reddy, that milestone is just one step in finalizing your case — we continue working to negotiate your outstanding medical bills, resolve any subrogation issues, resolve insurance premium issues and increases, and even work through collection issues that may arise as a result of lost earnings associated with an injury. Simply put, we understand that obtaining your recovery is not the last step; we are here for you through the entire process.

We are a Full-Service Law Firm

You may have issues that extend to other areas of the law, such as claims for violations of federal or state collection, violations involving credit reporting laws, or claims for bad faith by your insurance company. We can resolve these issues as well as those involving your primary claim. Unlike many firms, we will not refer you to another attorney at an outside firm who may or may not take your case, and with whom you may not be able to build a solid, trust-based relationship. We seek to resolve all issues that might arise within the course of your claim. Simply put, we do it all — efficiently and with expertise.

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We fight for you

Meet the Team

The Attorneys at Emery | Reddy, PLLC are passionate about helping workers with employment law issues and L&I claims. We Help Workers®: it’s our motto and what drives us every day.

We know how companies think, and we understand the tactics they use. Our Attorneys use that knowledge coupled with over three decades of experience to help our clients get access to the benefits to which they are legally entitled and hold employers accountable when they break the law.

If you’re struggling with an employment law issueinjury, or L&I claim, call us for a Free Case Review with an experienced Intake Specialist to learn more about how Emery | Reddy may be able help you today.