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5-Star Review

“Thank you Emery Reddy staff for your commitment to injured workers like me who are struggling through this system! I cannot recommend you highly enough!”

5-Star Review

“My gratitude toward Emery Reddy will never be forgotten. I have recommended them to lots of other people on my own…If you need help, give them a call. It is well worth it!”

5-Star Review

“I can not recommend the services from Emery Reddy enough. You won’t be disappointed…Thanks to them, I got my life back.”

“I recently had the privilege of working with Emery | Reddy, and I cannot express enough how impressed I am with their legal expertise and dedication to achieving a positive outcome. From start to finish, my experience with this legal firm was nothing short of exceptional. The team at Emery Reddy displayed a high level of professionalism and demonstrated a deep understanding of the legal complexities surrounding my case. They were thorough in their approach, taking the time to carefully explain every step of the process and address any concerns or questions I had. Their clear communication and transparency instilled confidence in me throughout the entire legal journey. What truly sets Emery | Reddy apart is their unwavering commitment to achieving favorable results. The attorneys at this firm are not only knowledgeable but also strategic in their approach. They navigated the complexities of my case with skill and determination, ultimately securing an outcome that exceeded my expectations. Additionally, the level of personal attention and care I received from the entire Emery | Reddy team was remarkable. They treated me with respect and empathy, making me feel like more than just a client. This human touch made a significant difference during a challenging time. I wholeheartedly recommend Emery Reddy to anyone seeking legal representation. Their combination of legal expertise, professionalism, and commitment to client success is truly commendable. If you’re looking for a legal team that goes above and beyond, Emery | Reddy is the firm for you.” — Chris S.

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“I’m the victim of a work-related injury. The details are irrelevant. The nature of the injury is also irrelevant. The only relevant issue is that my injury is permanently debilitating and that both the Employer of Injury (for as long as the injury impacted their premiums) and the Department of Labor and Industries resisted the proper application of Washington State law.

I spent the first couple of years of my claim handling everything myself while also spiraling into debt and disability. It was horrific. I lost my livelihood. I lost relationships. I lost my sense of purpose. I lost my ever-loving mind. I lost my temper (in public, even). I lost hope. I lost myself. I was overwhelmed.

I reached out to Emery Reddy and finally relinquished control to people better equipped to handle the situation so that I could focus on staying alive. Literally. The skilled professionals at Emery Reddy not only managed the claim but also managed *me*. They held my hand through the anxiety and the panic. They answered the persistent questions and explained the processes. They’ve stuck with me through everything. They are still with me.

Listen, you’re going to debate whether it’s worth it to pay the lawyers to file the paperwork. You’re going to argue with yourself that these are all statutory requirements and that you’re legally entitled to these benefits. You will try to convince yourself that a state agency will somehow do what the state and federal laws dictate. And then, at some point, you’ll realize that you are well and truly screwed. You’ll understand that this system is designed to protect the interests of employers and every “provider” riding the workers’ compensation gravy train. There’s IME after IME after IME and there’s Vocational Rehabilitation Providers and there’s Functional Capacity Exams and there’s Work Conditioning and Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy and on and on and on. And they all get paid to keep you in the system and to make sure that you get as little as possible. Do you know who isn’t getting paid? You!

The propaganda is that injured workers are ripping off the system. The real statistics show that less than 2% of worker claims are referred to the fraud department. The statistics of employers committing fraud against workers? About ten times that. But, for some reason, corporations are somehow more trustworthy than actual human beings.

Nobody is out here scamming L&I for the pittance that they pay you for not being able to work and nobody is begging for surgical procedures that they don’t need. It’s weird that this system forces people to subject themselves to this kind of humiliation and abuse just to keep employer premiums low. And we’re not talking about huge increases, either. We’re talking about denying someone spinal surgery so they can walk again to save a company $100 a month. No joke.

Wage replacement is about 67% of your total wages at the time of injury. However, that maxes out at 120% of the state’s average 2020 monthly wage. If you made more than the cap, tough luck. No more. Your wage replacement will not exceed that amount ever.
My point is that nobody is getting rich “scamming” L&I. But, the capitalist propaganda machine would have you believe that it’s rampant. Do you know what *is* rampant? Employers without workers’ compensation insurance. Employers who misclassify employees to pay lower premiums. Employers who refuse to file claims. Employers who retaliate against employees who are injured on the job. Employers who refuse to provide safe working environments and *then* fire employees who get hurt on the job. Employers who intimidate employees who get injured into not filing claims. Employers who withhold wages. Employers who abuse their power. Do you know what those employees need? A really good attorney.

These people are really good attorneys. They have an incredible understanding of the law and the application of the process. They come prepared with a seasoned, compassionate support staff. They’ve handled everything from a simple “slip and fall” to a catastrophic life-altering situation that leaves a person permanently disabled. And they have handled it well. I’m not saying that this endeavor will be easy or quick. It likely won’t. But, you’ll be in good hands and you won’t be alone.” — Anonymous

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“The attorneys at Emery Reddy have a thorough understanding of the system and the law which make them dependable and effective. Their extensive expertise and high degree of professionalism make them a team you can trust to be your advocates through the difficult times when dealing with work related injury and disability.” — Dr. Vera Trofimenko

“After many, many months of haggling and appealing with L&I on a workers compensation claim I decided to retain Jason Hoeft of Emery Reddy. My experience was nothing short of amazing. I quickly realized I could trust him an I appreciated his honesty. Jason listened to my issue, knew all of the L&I rules and statutes and the law as it pertained. He and his staff were professional, helpful, organized and hard working on my behalf and prepared. He kept me constantly up to date. Ultimately we prevailed at a final hearing board with the State when it was obvious they could not come close to the reasons for the denial of my monetary compensation. I have recommended Jason and Emery Reddy to several current and former co-workers who are as tired as I was with banging my head against the wall with L&I. I would highly recommend Jason and Emery Reddy to handle your workers’ compensation issues or other work place issues. Top notch and 5 Stars from my experience!!” — Ron, firefighter

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“I’m very satisfied the way Timothy and team handled our case. Very informative of what was going on, answered any and all questions, and was easy to talk to. I would recommend Timothy and his team to everyone!!!”

— Anya Brown

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  • I know that without your office fighting so hard for me I would have never gotten this far with L&I.
  • “I’m grateful for everything you, Kalli and Kelsey have done for me from start to finish on this claim because I know that without your office fighting so hard for me I would have never gotten this far with L&I. Happy holidays and God bless.” — Adam N.
  • “Allison, Thank you. I also want to thank Patrick and Amanda for all of their tireless work over the years representing me and my claim. I am so thankful for everything that my team did to get my health back and I couldn’t be where I am today without the work of the group. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!” — Alyson F.
  • “I totally recommend EMERY REDDY to be your help life line, in the beginning I was not happy with the process due to my injury’s and stress almost gave up but thanks to Mr. Emery and colleagues they been there for me to get my right and what I deserve…if you need good help and someone professional [for their] assistance…Again thank you for your hard work.” — Azuz A.
  • “Emery Reddy handles both L&I claims and third party claims – that’s why I hired them. I wanted one firm to handle all my claims.” — Betty
  • “I would definitely recommend Emery Reddy to my family and friends.” — Betty F., Startup, WA
  • “In serious need of professional counsel (and after calling nearly a half-dozen other firms), I was fortunate enough to find Emery Reddy through Google. After the initial meeting with both attorneys, Tim and Patrick, I had a strong understanding of my legal case, an outline of my course of action, and I left the meeting with absolute knowledge that I had found my firm. Six months later, what I had feared would be a knock-down, drag-out legal ordeal had transformed into a win-win for myself and the counter-party (an outcome I had never even considered?). I am convinced this is the high water mark for legal services in Seattle, and I highly recommend this firm for their exceptional expertise and best-in-class professionalism.” — Brad T., Seattle, WA
  • “Tim Emery is FANTASTIC! He is easy to work with and keeps you updated in a timely manner! His friendly personality makes it easy to ask him any question! Utilize Tim if you want to win your case! Thanks a lot Tim! It was a pleasure working with you to settle my case!” — Bret P.
  • “This place helped me so much I could not have done it without them. I highly recommend them.” — Bryan H.
  • “I gave them 5 stars, I appreciated all the information that I received from them.” — Dianne G.
  • “While working as a physician in Tacoma I had the opportunity to get to know the attorneys at Emery Reddy, and I feel they have a comprehensive understanding of workplace injuries and an impressive knowledge of the medical field. I would feel confident placing any of my patients in the care of Patrick and Tim; they show genuine compassion for their clients, and are dedicated to serving their best interests.” — Dr. Obbie T. Atkinson, M.D.
  • “I’ve worked with lawyers before, but never one as driven as Tim. Our case was complicated, but he was on top of every aspect from start to finish. Highly recommend.” — Elliot
  • “I know this is long overdue, but just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for us. We couldn’t have picked a better law firm to represent us.” — Gustavo V.
  • “I never would have gotten my L&I benefits without hiring Emery Reddy. I suffered a workplace injury in 2009, and have been unable to do any heavy lifting ever since. L&I wouldn’t cover a major part of my medical bills or physical therapy. After another law firm made no progress, I hired Emery Reddy and they started KICKING BUTT within days! Their team was on my case at all hours, and I now I’m finally getting reimbursed for medical bills plus extra medical procedures & physical therapy. I give these guys two thumbs up!!!
  • “As a new small business owner, Emery Reddy made me feel comfortable and capable while going through the many ins and outs of starting a business (most specifically related to hiring employees). Their wealth of knowledge and ability to transfer that into language I could understand was impressive. Their response was timely, their work impeccable, and I truly felt like we were working together as a team. I highly recommend this law firm.” — Holly L., Seattle, WA
  • “There are no words, really, to detail all of the awesome help I received from Bill Fuld. I was at my wits end when I reached out to him at Emery Reddy. He helped me realize that there are awesome people out there you merely have to reach out. L&I fought me tooth and nail and I thought it was hopeless, but Bill was willing to fight for me. Having his knowledge and knowing that he was in my corner helped me beyond words. He won two cases for me and helped me out not just with the case but emotionally. I highly recommend Bill Fuld and Emery Reddy and am so thankful for him. I can never repay what he gave me with his support and drive to give me a fair shake. Bill is a true gift that I share with anyone who will listen! God bless him for entering my life when he did!” — Holly Z.
  • “EMERY | REDDY, PLLC exemplifies everything a good law firm should. Specializing in services for small and big business as well as individuals, the lawyers at EMERY | REDDY are intelligent, attentive, hard-working and believe it or not- kind. More than just good business people and good lawyers, these guys are good people. A rare find in the dog-eat-dog legal world. It’s great to know you can actually hire someone to help you with a legal mess and not only will they handle the details and sort it all out- but they will actually follow through on every one of their promises. They are worth every penny– I highly, HIGHLY recommend EMERY | REDDY. I think they are especially skilled with workers’ compensation and real estate but there’s lots of info on their website about the kind of cases they handle.” — J Nicole S., Long Beach, CA
  • “I own and manage a chain of bookstores, Twice Sold Tales, which is located throughout Seattle. In my years of being a business owner, I have worked with many attorneys–I know well how to spot a good lawyer. Timothy Emery of the law firm, Emery Reddy, resolved several cases for me, including a personal injury matter. In the personal injury case, he delivered results that were nothing short of amazing, and he did it quickly. He also resolved a sticky litigation matter, provided business advice and consultation, and negotiated and provided advice on several large transactions. The results and value he produced well exceed those that I have seen in my dealings with any other attorneys. Simply put, Mr. Emery is a bright lawyer and incredibly adept at finding simple and economical solutions to complex problems. I have also had the pleasure of working with Patrick Reddy, who is a skilled employment and workers’ compensation lawyer. I find both Patrick and Tim to be diligent, honest, intelligent, and results-oriented. I would strongly recommend them as two of the best attorneys in Seattle for any personal injury case, employment law matter, or business matter. These guys are good – very good.” — Jamie L., Seattle, WA
  • “Just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated and how grateful my son and I are for relying on your courteous professional advice on how to proceed with his L&I claim. Thank you so much for be being there for us! I certainly picked the right law firm to represent me — Patrick is the best with the best team.” — Janessa R.
  • “This has been an ongoing claim for 3.5 yrs and the law office of Emery and Reddy has been on top of everything going on. Thank you!” — Janet A.
  • People and companies are hard to find like this anymore. If you need help, give them a call.
  • “The team at Emery Reddy is like a real life Super Hero in time of great need. These guys are fantastic! I had been trying to go through the L&I process on my own. It was miserable before I called Emery Reddy. I had a torn rotator cuff from a job injury. Prior to contacting Emery Reddy, I had faced multiple unpleasant experiences from people connected with L&I. As soon as I called Emery Reddy, everything changed completely! Emery Reddy is respected in the Industry! They took care of every single detail and problem. They handled every doctor and issue out there. Emery Reddy protected and cared for me. I didn’t have to be perfect in how I communicated, just honest. They were so patient. Every step of the way they were professional, kind to me and caring. They do most of the communication with you by e-mail. This is nice because even if you don’t speak English (although I do) they could help. Plus since it is e-mail, you can contact them day or night. Sometimes they also chat by phone. Another helpful point is that since you are injured and don’t feel well anyway, you never a need to travel to meet them. I can’t begin to tell you just how much their kindness and support toward me meant. I will never forget how much they helped and never even charged a dime! I had been so stressed from L&I and Emery Reddy took the whole situation and let me rest. My gratitude toward Emery Reddy will never be forgotten. I have recommended them to lots of other people on my own. People I know and strangers who were suffering. People and companies are hard to find like this anymore. If you need help, give them a call. It is well worth it!” — Janette N.
  • “Working with Tim was a very positive experience for me. In addition to having impressive skills in negotiation and strategy, he’s also a great person to work with. I wish all lawyers were so generous with their time, taking the extra steps to communicate with clients and explain things in a way that makes sense. This combination of intelligence, aggressive & skillful advocacy, and genuine concern & commitment seems almost impossible to find in a single attorney. I would recommend Tim to any potential client!” — Jennifer
  • “I have been a client of Tim Emery for several years and have always liked his work product. He is a great attorney and knows the law!
  • “Mr. Emery has a knack of promoting business interests in compliance with all laws and regulations. He is skilled at creating strategic processes by building a roadmap to where we want to go. He is transparent. He empowers us by informing us. He respects boundaries but holds people accountable. He listens to us and allows us to voice opinions and concerns. He always thinks long term when making decisions or evaluations options. He influences our corporate decisions with clarity in complicated legal situations. He is diversified in his skills and well versed in many areas. I give Mr. Emery my highest recommendations.” — John R.
  • “I am 100% satisfied with the way my claims were handled and the result. I received much more than I could have imagined. Thank you!” — Joseph K.
  • Emery Reddy is an excellent firm with friendly and helpful staff! I cannot express the level of commitment that they have to their clients. I personally have to thank my attorney Patrick Reddy and the Senior Case Manager Morgan Smalley for every effort they have taken on my behalf. Morgan is my main line of communication and is especially diligent regarding my workman’s comp claim. Countless times I have called her in tears and she has a special gift of calming me down when I feel like I have no hope. She is quick to return calls and messages, is kind, and has amazing patience and skill in responding to the multitude of questions that I have. If it was possible to give a 10 star rating here, I most definitely would! Thank You Emery Reddy staff for your commitment to injured workers like me who are struggling through this system! I cannot recommend you highly enough!” — Kathleen O.
  • “I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thoughtful, informative, and extremely diligent. Their attorneys and their staff are extremely competent and they pay attention to every detail. You will not be disappointed!” — Khasha M., Lynnwood, WA
  • “A must to work with!! After going through a 3-year battle with L&I and numerous attempts at fighting my claim, my husband & I decided to hire Emery Reddy. Patrick has been a lifesaver! The knowledge of the L&I laws with his staff and him have made the nightmare almost bearable. They are compassionate and make you feel important. I know I am not their only client, but it feels that way some times. They really are on my side. Their knowledge in law and medical terminology has been a huge help! I am in Gig Harbor and Emery is in Seattle, but the distance has not stopped them from working as hard on my case as someone next door would. Hopefully the battle will be over soon. Highly recommended!!!” — Kimberly M., Gig Harbor, WA
  • “I found them helpful, this team is smart and efficient. They know their stuff and you can tell they really care about your case!” — Laura S.
  • “If you’re looking for an attorney who actually cares about you and your case, look no further than Patrick Reddy. He is responsive, capable, efficient and he gets results. I hired Patrick after several trusted friends recommended him all of them were extremely pleased with the outcome of these cases, and he exceeded my expectations as well.” — Lawyers.com Reviewer
  • “From my very first interaction with the Emery Reddy firm, it was clear that I was in highly capable hands. My case was extremely complex but Tim Emery handled it expertly through every step by relentlessly building the strongest case possible. I feel lucky to have found him. I came out of the case with a big settlement, with my integrity intact, and with the confidence that the insurance companies wouldn’t push me around any more. Allowing me to move on with my life is really the greatest thing Tim did for me.” — Lawyers.com Reviewer
  • “James, I am so greatly appreciative to you for being so kind and watchful. I apologize for the several times that you were inconvenienced in looking out for my best interests. I hope that at some point to be well enough to thank you in person. I respect and admire you for the humanity and compassion that you embody as a human being, a man and an attorney.” — Linda D.
  • “Tim has tremendous litigation skills. I’ve worked with a lot of attorneys, but have never known one more prepared or focused. He dissects the case like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm and confidence. Nothing seems to rattle this guy or divert him from his objectives with your case, making him extremely tough to beat. He’s also one of the most compassionate and responsive lawyers I’ve ever known.” — Martindale-Hubbel Reviewer
  • “As soon as we sat down for our first meeting, I knew I’d found the right lawyer. Tim is intelligent, hardworking and genuinely concerned. The outcome was better than I had hoped — I feel fortunate that he took my case!” —Martindale-Hubbel Reviewer
  • “Working with Tim was a very positive experience for me. In addition to having highly impressive skills in negotiation and strategy, he’s also a great person to work with. I wish all lawyers were so generous with their time, taking the extra steps to communicate with clients and explain things in a way that makes sense. This combination of intelligence, aggressive & skillful advocacy, and genuine concern & commitment seems almost impossible to find in a single attorney.” —Martindale-Hubbel Reviewer
  • “If you’re looking for an attorney who actually cares about you and your case, look no further than Patrick Reddy. He is responsive, capable, efficient and he gets results. I hired Patrick after several trusted friends recommended him all of them were extremely pleased with the outcome of these cases, and he exceeded my expectations as well.” —Martindale-Hubbel Reviewer
  • “Workers often feel powerless against L&I and the insurance companies, but Patrick Reddy is there to take them on! His success with my case dramatically improved my life. Through his research, skillful strategy and brilliant bargaining, he left the Workers’ Compensation system with no choice but to pay my claim and cover additional costs for physical therapy and other medical treatments. If I ever have a workplace injury case or employment dispute again, I won’t hesitate to hire Patrick!” —Martindale-Hubbel Reviewer
  • “In providing representation for my third party injury case, Patrick Reddy was not only diligent and skillful, but he also responded punctually to many of my last-minute requests, which was crucial to the constantly-changing circumstances of my situation. I will always be grateful for the results he got, and the thoroughness and prompt response to my questions and requests.” — Martindale-Hubbel Reviewer
  • “Without Patrick’s hard work and expertise, I never would have gotten my L&I benefits. I had a workplace injury back in 2012, and L&I refused to cover a lot of my medical bills or physical therapy costs. The first law firm I hired didn’t make any progress, but as soon as I hired Patrick he got results within days! This law firm was on my case at all hours, they were responsive when I called them, and now I’m finally getting reimbursed for my medical bills! I also got extra for physical therapy!!” — Martindale-Hubbel Reviewer
  • “Thanks again to everyone for all your help and terrific representation!” — Noah K.
  • “My claim had been rejected, and Emery Reddy overturned the rejection, got my medical benefits turned back on, and an award of over a year and a half of my salary.” — Robert T., Tacoma, WA
  • “Thank you guys for all of your hard work. I am very happy with the outcome of this case. Thanks for putting up with my moodiness from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Thanks to you guys and your hard work I started getting help for it.” — Sean N.
  • “William Fuld and his associates were extremely helpful and understanding through a difficult time in my life. They made it their goal so that I wouldn’t have to worry about living my life.” — Tamara
  • “Very helpful, very patient, great service, good people.” — Thomas M.
  • Tim is an exceptional strategist. I always felt like he was two steps ahead of the opposing legal team – he anticipated their moves well before they made them, and already had a plan in place to keep them off balance. This gave me extraordinary confidence throughout the process, and I was not surprised when he won my case. When the stakes are high, knowing that you’re in the best legal care available is worth its weight in gold!” — Wren
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