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We are the largest workers’ compensation law firm in Washington. Our award-winning attorneys have litigated thousands of cases, and many through trial. We’ve won some of the toughest cases in state and federal court and before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. We’ve secured tens of millions in awards for our clients. Our cases have changed Washington state Law to protect Washington workers’ rights. Ask around. Our reputation speaks for itself.

“I am 100% satisfied with the way my claims were handled and the result. I received much more than I could have imagined. Thank you!”

– Joseph K.

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We hear from people every day who don’t realize that their workers’ compensation claim might also give rise to a negligence, employment law, injury, or third party claim. Our clients trust us to analyze their claim, and build additional claims in state and federal court to maximize their awards. Not every workers’ comp claim has additional claims, but if yours does, we are the right team to litigate each before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and in every state and federal court in Washington. Hiring us means you have a team of experienced litigators with knowledge across multiple practice areas. Give us a call and we’ll analyze your claims.


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