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Amputation Attorneys in Washington

Losing a limb, hand or eye is a life-altering experience for anyone. Many injury victims are grateful to be alive after their brush with tragedy in a vehicle or construction site accident. Yet after the initial shock subsides, injured workers must still learn to cope with the aftermath of their accident and adjust to life with a disability. Whether you have experienced the loss of a single toe or your full leg, the disability attorneys of Emery Reddy believe that all victims deserve an exceptional level of compassion and commitment from the legal team representing them.

Compassion and Experience

After the initial ordeal of an amputation, injured workers often face another round of difficulties as they cope with pain, medical bills, lost wages and emotional stress. We know how challenging this can be for you and your family, and are committed to supporting you through every step of the process with a full range of legal services. Knowing that you are represented by an experienced attorney who will work tirelessly on your behalf can significantly lightened your burden, allowing you to focus on the most important priority of all: your recovery.

Physical and Financial Aspects of Recovery

In the immediate aftermath of an amputation, your arm, leg, shoulder or hip wounds will require significant time to heal. Patients sometimes experience “phantom pains” due to continued activity within the nerve endings. Over the long term, most amputees learn to become mobile again and work around a missing a body part.

Financially, the short-term costs for an injured worker can include ambulance and emergency room services, surgery, medication and other follow-up care. It is also crucial to closely monitor the amputation to prevent infection while wounds heal. During this process workers will inevitably miss work and need replacement for missed wages.

Long-term financial losses can include medical equipment, prosthetics, rehabilitation services, occupational therapy, and often mental health therapy or job retraining. Some individuals with amputations find it challenging to continue their former career path. Construction workers, mechanics, cooks or repair workers may find it impossible to resume the activities necessary for those jobs, and in these cases vocational retraining services are critical to the recovery process.

If you have suffered any form of amputation from a workplace accident, contact our knowledgeable team of disability attorneys for a free consultation.
A Workers’ Compensation lawyer will help you recover:

  • Current and ongoing medical costs
  • Lost wages and lost potential income
  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Lost quality of life from a permanent injury, disability or other factors

We understand that many families depend on the income of an injured worker, and our Workers’ Compensation lawyers are dedicated to winning the benefits and compensation you deserve. Our practice was founded on a commitment to advocating for workers’ rights, and we are proud of our record protecting the injured and disabled. Contact one of our attorneys today for a free consultation on your amputation or workers’ compensation claim.

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