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Washington State Self-Insured Workers' Compensation

Washington law requires employers to pay a premium to L&I each month, establishing a fund which is then used to pay out workers’ compensation claims as they arise. About 30% of Washington state employers are self-insured when it comes to workers’ compensation. Instead of paying their premium each month to L&I, self-insured employers choose to pay workers’ compensation benefits out of their own pocket or use an alternate insurance fund. Because this can save the employer a lot of money, these employers must be able to pass certification requirements from L&I to prove they can take on the risk of covering workers’ comp claims.

This also means these employers hire third party firms — instead of using L&I — to evaluate workers’ compensation claims, which can cause endless headaches for injured workers.

Washington Self-Insured Employer Lawsuits

We find that claims against self-insured employers often require the most attention. A third party claim administrator’s job is to save the self-insured employer money, often by minimizing your award and fighting your workers’ comp claim. Self-insured employers hire claims managers that are skilled at denying claims. From the moment a claims manager is hired, they become focused on one goal: to deny your claim at all costs.

Don’t Wait To Get Help With Self-Insured Employer Claims In Washington.

Before filing your L&I claim, call us to find out if your employer is among the 30% of self-insured employers in Washington state. Waiting to get counsel may be detrimental to your claim.

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Our self-insured employer claims attorneys have vast experience fighting self-insured employer claims in Seattle and Washington State and setting cases up for success. We have vast experience in dealing with these types of claims. Call us to find out how we can help you.

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