When faced with difficult L&I claims or a violation of your legal rights at work, you want an experienced and skilled attorney in your corner. With over two decades of experience and tens of millions of dollars won in settlements, Emery Reddy can help.

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Tacoma L&I Attorneys Near Me

Tacoma is a vibrant city southwest of Seattle with a bustling work environment. If you are injured on the job, working with the experienced L&I attorneys at Emery | Reddy, PLLC can be pivotal to your L&I claim.




Do You Have An L&I Claim?

If you’ve experienced an injury on-the-job that has prevented you from continuing to work and earn a living, you may be able to be compensated through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). While  L&I claim process can be stressful and confusing, the Tacoma L&I lawyers at Emery | Reddy are available to advocate on your behalf, getting the compensation you need and deserve.


Serving Clients In Tacoma And The Surrounding Area

Emery | Reddy hosts some of the most experienced L&I attorneys in Tacoma with years of experience successfully representing injured workers and winning tens of millions of dollars for them. Our attorneys understand how employers think which gives them the upper hand in dealing with L&I claims. Whether you’ve been injured on a construction site, in the hospital, or in the office, we’re confident our Tacoma labor and industries attorneys can help you receive the L&I benefits to which you are entitled, or appeal denied claims


Emery | Reddy Can Help

As an injured worker, we offer legal services to assist you in any stage of the L&I claims process, including:





We understand that every case is unique, which is why you’ll be provided a unique and personalized strategy to best meet your goals when you work with an Emery | Reddy L&I attorney in Tacoma.


L&I In Tacoma, Washington

Injured workers can file a claim for workers’ compensation through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) for any occupational illness or work-related injury. Washington State requires that employers provide coverage for injured employees whether through L&I or the self-insured employer (SIE). L&I provides time-loss, medical benefits, and millions of dollars in benefits to qualified injured employees. 


Those who wish to file a claim must report their injury as soon as possible, and get immediate medical treatment. It is also recommended that you work with an experienced Tacoma L&I attorney to get the most out of your L&I claim. An Emery | Reddy labor and industries attorney in Tacoma is available to discuss and advise on the best course of action for optimal compensation. 


Where To Start With Your Tacoma L&I Claim

Unfortunately, the L&I claim process can be long, tedious, and inefficient for injured workers looking to be compensated. Many are dismissed and rushed through with minimal compensation if they don’t stand up for themselves. This is why all injured workers should hire an attorney. Our Tacoma L&I attorneys can make a huge difference by advocating for your workers’ rights with successful results.


Call Emery | Reddy today for a free case review. Please remember to have your L&I claim number readily available.


Meet The Team

The Tacoma L&I lawyers at Emery | Reddy, PLLC are passionate about helping workers with employment law issues and L&I claims. We Help Workers®: it’s our motto and what drives us every day.


We know how companies think, and we understand the tactics they use. Our labor and industries lawyers use that knowledge coupled with over two decades of experience to help our clients get access to the benefits to which they are legally entitled and hold employers accountable when they break the law.


If you’re struggling with an employment law issue, injury, or L&I claim, please call us and see how Emery | Reddy can help you today.


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