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L&I Travel Reimbursement

If you’ve been injured at work and have an open L&I claim for workers’ compensation, you have a right to travel reimbursement benefits—payments made to an injured worker for travel expenses for any visits to a health care provider.

woman riding a bus on her way to a doctors appointment and she will need travel reimbursement for her trip

What Is Covered Under L&I Travel Reimbursement?

Travel reimbursement for mileage, parking fees, tolls, food, lodging, and lost wages could be paid in connection with medical treatment if you are pre-authorized.

If you must visit a health care provider that requires traveling a distance of greater than 15 miles, you can be reimbursed for bus or train fare, fuel costs, and parking costs, depending on the mode of transportation.

What Is NOT Covered Under L&I Travel Reimbursement?

L&I will often deny requests for travel reimbursement if you:

  • Are within 15 miles of an L&I-approved medical provider, but simply choose not to see that provider.
  • Are traveling only to pick up prescription medication.
  • The travel reimbursement is not pre-authorized (you must get L&I to preauthorize these expenses or they will not be reimbursed).

It is important to note that L&I never reimburses for the first and last 15 miles of the trip—so you are only able to get reimbursed for each mile after mile 31.

If you meet the criteria for travel reimbursement, make sure to keep detailed records of all of your travel expenses. Working with an experienced L&I attorney will make this process easier, as they will help you keep track of them and ensure your reimbursement.

Should You Hire A Lawyer For A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Just because you are eligible for workers’ comp does not mean that you are guaranteed the assistance. The claims process can be time-consuming and complex, filled with red tape, paperwork, and legal technicalities. Without the right tools and resources, navigating the maze of an L&I claim can easily aggravate a stressful situation.

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