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Wage and Overtime Attorney

Our firm manages all stages of employment law suits, from workplace investigation to litigation. We have the extensive experience and knowledge in wage and overtime law to quickly analyze your particular case and develop a comprehensive strategy to maximize your compensation.

If you are facing an overtime or other type of wage lawsuit, it is extremely important that you have aggressive and experienced representation. The laws and regulations for hourly wages, payroll deduction, overtime, and other related areas are complex and extensive. They include both state and federal regulations, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Washington Minimum Wage Act, the Washington Wage Payment Act and dozens of other statutes and regulations. Emery Reddy has decades of experience in employment law and an unmatched record of success helping Washington workers get the justice they deserve in wage and overtime disputes.

If you have not been paid the wages or commission to which you were entitled that you are owed, you may even be entitled to double damages and attorney’s fees.

The following are common types of wage, overtime, and employee misclassification claims:

  • Failure to pay for “off-the-clock” work
  • Wage and compensation disputes, including unpaid wages
  • Improper payroll deductions
  • Failure to pay overtime
  • Misclassification of employees as independent contractors to avoid paying overtime and other benefits

In many cases Washington state ensures greater wage and hour protections than what is granted to workers under federal law. Washington’s minimum wage, for example, is significantly higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Under Washington’s Wage Payment Act of 2006, workers have a means to collect unpaid wages through the Department of Labor & Industries, which has legal authority to collect wages and interest for employees.

Yet the Wage Payment Act does not supersede other courses of action, and unpaid workers can still file a lawsuit if they choose to do so. It is extremely important for workers to act quickly: 10 days after a worker obtains a citation against an employer, that person can no longer file suit. If you feel that you are owed unpaid or overtime wages, contact an attorney immediately. If it is found that your employer willfully withheld wages, you may be entitled to double the amount withheld. This resolution is not available through the Department of Labor & Industries’ standard administrative procedure, and you may lose your right to sue by proceeding with the L&I process. The employment law attorneys at Emery Reddy have the specialized experience and knowledge to help you determine the most beneficial course of action.

If you have experienced a wage or overtime claim dispute, or have any questions regarding this area of law, an attorney from our firm can review your case today.


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