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Emery | Reddy: Document Review FAQ

A document review is a comprehensive consultation and analysis of your document’s legal language, context, and impact on your worker’s rights as an employee in Washington state.

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Who Will Be Advising Me? 

Emery | Reddy, PLLC attorney and partner, Patrick B. Reddy will advise you accordingly in the document review process regarding your employment matter. This conversation will happen either over the phone or via a video call. Patrick will have all your supporting documents for this matter prior to the meeting. The intake specialists and paralegals at the firm are your point of contact for getting supporting documents to Patrick prior to your meeting. 

What Is The Associated Cost? 

The cost is $750 per hour, with an additional $500 for each subsequent hour. Payment for the service is to be provided prior to the scheduling of the appointment. In the meantime, a tentative appointment will be held up until one day prior to the document review. If payment has not been made, the meeting will be shifted to another available time.

Does a Document Review Guarantee Representation for an Employment Claim?

When you agree to a document review, you become limitedly represented by Emery | Reddy. This means that you will learn what the document says and get advice from an attorney as to how to proceed — valuable information when dealing with a tricky employer. Once the document review is finished, Patrick will discuss further representation with you based on your situation and what he believes you need.

There is a chance that an employment claim could materialize from the conversation during a document review, but it does not guarantee that you have a case. Many times, a client is able to solve their employment issues using the knowledge and legal advice they received during their document review. However, if your employment issues persist, call our team to discuss any developments in your potential claim.

Do I Need to Complete a Document Review?

Emery | Reddy is the only law firm in Washington state that is equipped to provide comprehensive representation on your case from every angle. Our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys thoroughly assess every case to determine if our clients have additional claims, and at times this can extend far beyond the underlying workers’ compensation claim.

If you have employment law concerns, call Emery | Reddy today for a Free Case Review with an experienced Intake Specialist to learn more about your rights.

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