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Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Settlements

Washington state law broadly defines Permanent Partial Disability as physical or mental impairment arising from an injury that is fixed, lasting and stable, and can’t be improved with further medical treatment.

What Are Permanent Partial Disability Settlements?

Permanent Partial Disability settlements are monetary awards for injured workers who are able to return to work and do their jobs in a limited capacity. If your injury or condition prevents you from returning to work at all, please see our pension section.

How Much Money Can I Get In A Permanent Partial Disability Settlement?

The amount of a Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) award depends on a number of factors, including the date of your injury and the severity of your disability.

  • The date of injury matters because L&I increases the amount of money paid for disabilities each year. The monetary settlement amount can be found in L&I’s Permanent Partial Disability schedules, and it should be calculated based on the date of your injury.
  • L&I determines the “seriousness” of a disability based on disability ratings. Your rating is established by medical professionals, usually an IME physician or your personal doctor. A rating may be changed by switching your medical examiner.

How Are PPD Settlements Paid?

If you are awarded a PPD settlement, the amount will determine whether you are paid in a lump sum or monthly payments.

Smaller Permanent Partial Disability settlements are paid as a lump sum. If the award is less than three times Washington State’s average monthly wage (at the time of injury), you will receive a check in that amount.

Medium-to-large settlements are paid out in a lump sum and time-based payments. If a settlement is more than three times the average monthly wage in Washington State at the time of injury, a down payment of that amount is made. The remainder of the settlement is then disbursed in monthly installments based on your time loss compensation (at the time your claim closed).

How Do I Know If My L&I Settlement Is Fair?

Allowing L&I to decide what is fair is not in your best interest. Indeed, the claim manager assigned to your case has a lot of discretion to categorize the severity of your injury or illness, which determines how much L&I will compensate. Their job is to minimize costs. Few workers ever get back everything they lose after sustaining a disability. The only way to ensure that you aren’t shorted by the system is to seek expert legal help to fight for your interests.

What If My Settlement Award Is Too Small?

Take action. Our legal team has over 15 years of experience appealing settlements and getting the best outcome for Washington workers. Don’t wait until it’s too late: call today to talk to a lawyer.

If I Already Cashed My PPD Check, Can I Still Request More Money?

Injured workers can ask for more money even after cashing a Permanent Partial Disability settlement check. But don’t wait: workers must appeal within 60 days of the closing order.

Will My Permanent Partial Disability Payments Cover My Expenses?

The best way to find out is to allow us to take a look at your case. Our expertise in these unique cases allows us to process and assess your claims with all relevant information. During your free consultation, we will take a number of factors into consideration and present you with your options. We will empower you with the information you need to make a decision that will result in the best outcome for your situation.

Do I Need An L&I Lawyer?

An Emery Reddy L&I lawyer will help you make that decision by assessing your circumstances and walking you through your legal options. Call for a free phone consultation. After speaking with our team you can decide whether you prefer to move forward alone or with legal help. Our firm won’t take your case unless we believe your settlement can be improved – which is often (but not always) the case.

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