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Joseph K.

I am 100% satisfied with the way my claims were handled and the result. I received much more than I could have imagined. Thank you!

Betty F., Startup, WA

I would definitely recommend Emery Reddy to my family and friends.


Emery Reddy handles both L&I claims and third party claims – that’s why I hired them. I wanted one firm to handle all my claims.

Robert T., Tacoma, WA

My claim had been rejected, and Emery Reddy overturned the rejection, got my medical benefits turned back on, and an award of over a year and a half of my salary.

Kimberly M., Gig Harbor, WA

A must to work with!! After going through a 3-year battle with L&I and numerous attempts at fighting my claim, my husband & I decided to hire Emery Reddy. Patrick has been a lifesaver! The knowledge of the L&I laws with his staff and him have made the nightmare almost bearable. They are compassionate and make you feel important. I know I am not their only client, but it feels that way some times. They really are on my side. Their knowledge in law and medical terminology has been a huge help! I am in Gig Harbor and Emery is in Seattle, but the distance has not stopped them from working as hard on my case as someone next door would. Hopefully the battle will be over soon. Highly recommended!!!

Brad T., Seattle, WA

In serious need of professional counsel (and after calling nearly a half-dozen other firms), I was fortunate enough to find Emery Reddy through Google. After the initial meeting with both attorneys, Tim and Patrick, I had a strong understanding of my legal case, an outline of my course of action, and I left the meeting with absolute knowledge that I had found my firm. Six months later, what I had feared would be a knock-down, drag-out legal ordeal had transformed into a win-win for myself and the counter-party (an outcome I had never even considered?). I am convinced this is the high water mark for legal services in Seattle, and I highly recommend this firm for their exceptional expertise and best-in-class professionalism.

Obbie T. Atkinson, M.D.

While working as a physician in Tacoma I had the opportunity to get to know the attorneys at Emery Reddy, and I feel they have a comprehensive understanding of workplace injuries and an impressive knowledge of the medical field. I would feel confident placing any of my patients in the care of Patrick and Tim; they show genuine compassion for their clients, and are dedicated to serving their best interests.

Jamie L., Seattle, WA

I own and manage a chain of bookstores, Twice Sold Tales, which is located throughout Seattle. In my years of being a business owner, I have worked with many attorneys–I know well how to spot a good lawyer. Timothy Emery of the law firm, Emery Reddy, resolved several cases for me, including a personal injury matter. In the personal injury case, he delivered results that were nothing short of amazing, and he did it quickly. He also resolved a sticky litigation matter, provided business advice and consultation, and negotiated and provided advice on several large transactions. The results and value he produced well exceed those that I have seen in my dealings with any other attorneys. Simply put, Mr. Emery is a bright lawyer and incredibly adept at finding simple and economical solutions to complex problems. I have also had the pleasure of working with Patrick Reddy, who is a skilled employment and workers’ compensation lawyer. I find both Patrick and Tim to be diligent, honest, intelligent, and results-oriented. I would strongly recommend them as two of the best attorneys in Seattle for any personal injury case, employment law matter, or business matter. These guys are good – very good.

J Nicole S., Long Beach, CA

EMERY | REDDY, PLLC exemplifies everything a good law firm should. Specializing in services for small and big business as well as individuals, the lawyers at EMERY | REDDY are intelligent, attentive, hard-working and believe it or not- kind. More than just good business people and good lawyers, these guys are good people. A rare find in the dog-eat-dog legal world. It’s great to know you can actually hire someone to help you with a legal mess and not only will they handle the details and sort it all out- but they will actually follow through on every one of their promises. They are worth every penny– I highly, HIGHLY recommend EMERY | REDDY. I think they are especially skilled with workers’ compensation and real estate but there’s lots of info on their website about the kind of cases they handle.

Holly L., Seattle, WA

I never would have gotten my L&I benefits without hiring Emery Reddy. I suffered a workplace injury in 2009, and have been unable to do any heavy lifting ever since. L&I wouldn’t cover a major part of my medical bills or physical therapy. After another law firm made no progress, I hired Emery Reddy and they started KICKING BUTT within days! Their team was on my case at all hours, and I now I’m finally getting reimbursed for medical bills plus extra medical procedures & physical therapy. I give these guys two thumbs up!!!

As a new small business owner, Emery Reddy made me feel comfortable and capable while going through the many ins and outs of starting a business (most specifically related to hiring employees). Their wealth of knowledge and ability to transfer that into language I could understand was impressive. Their response was timely, their work impeccable, and I truly felt like we were working together as a team. I highly recommend this law firm.

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