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If you are injured at work in Washington state, you are more than likely entitled to medical and financial workers’ compensation benefits from the state’s Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). Contracting certain types of illnesses or diseases during the course of your work may also e... (Read More)
Generally speaking, workers’ compensation is available to any employee who is injured or acquires certain types of illnesses at the workplace, or during work-related activities, according to Washington State law. But obtaining the compensation you deserve can be a lengthy, daunting process. You... (Read More)
What is L&I? It stands for the Department of Labor and Industries in Washington State, the government agency responsible for workers’ compensation. In this guide, you’ll learn how L&I works and how to get benefits for an injury you sustained from work. Our lawyers have 15 years of exp... (Read More)
About five months after a Washington Supreme Court ruling granted dairy workers overtime pay for the first time, a proposed state law stemming from the same ruling may extend the pay protections to farmers in general.  SB 5172 would phase in overtime benefits for agricultural workers over the n... (Read More)
As part of the latest economic rescue plan to buoy the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress approved a $3 billion payroll support program for the aviation manufacturing industry. The Puget Sound Business Journal outlined how the six-month federal grant is designed to help large and mid-... (Read More)