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Workers in Washington state are set to benefit from a range of new laws in 2020. From nation-leading minimum wages and overtime benefits to unprecedented restrictions on noncompete agreements, Washington is in many ways a great place to be employed. But as many of those new worker protection laws g... (Read More)
Falls, trips and slips are consistently among the top ways workers get seriously injured or worse on the job. In 2018, Washington state witnessed 7,400 injuries and 17 deaths from work-related tumbles, according to statistics from the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I). Not s... (Read More)
On-the-job injuries can become a headache for workers for a number of reasons beyond the obvious ones: Coworkers might not be happy that they have to pick up the slack to hit production targets. Bosses might feel the same way. Too many injuries could even reflect poorly on the company as a whole. ... (Read More)
Workers in Washington state win big under new non-compete law Washington state legislators recently passed a bill to protect lower-wage workers from companies trying to limit their job options through unfair non-compete agreements. The bill, known as the "Non-Compete Act," was designed precisely for the type of contract Mercurys Coffee made its employees s... (Read More)