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IMEs to Be Wary Of

In Washington state, a doctor’s opinion can make or break a workers’ compensation claim. When you suffer an injury or illness at work, L&I Washington or your self-insured employer may require you to see an independent medical examiner (IME). Be aware that many IMEs are NOT independent, and their diagnosis could prevent you from getting the benefits you deserve.

List of IMEs That Work with L&I and Self-Insured Employers

L&I Washington and self-insured employers partner with a number of IME medical organizations, and these groups often work harder to defeat your L&I claim than to support it. Although this may seem surprising, it makes more sense when you realize who pays these companies’ fees: L&I Washington and private insurance companies.

Here are the IMEs that regularly work with L&I and self-insured employers:

  • Central Seattle Panel of Consultants, Inc.
  • MCN Clinic
  • Medical Consultants Network
  • Medical Evaluation Specialists
  • MES Solutions
  • Mitchell MCN
  • Objective Medical Assessments
  • OMAC
  • Sunrise Medical Consultants
  • The Work Clinic

When to Contact an Attorney

If you receive an IME letter from L&I or your self-insured employer instructing you to meet with one of these companies, immediately contact a workers’ compensation attorney. Without a legal professional helping you to fully understand your rights, you might believe you are obligated to see the company named in the IME letter.

Why Choose a Workers’ Compensation Attorney from Emery Reddy?

Specialization counts when you need to hire a licensed professional like an attorney. Many legal practices accept a wide range of work, from real estate, to wills and estates, to taxes. Emery Reddy focuses on restoring injured employees back to their pre-injury status and protecting workers’ rights. Our experienced, proven team of workers’ compensation lawyers understands how insurance companies work, knows how to submit winning claims, and treats our clients with compassion.

In short, Emery Reddy workers’ compensation lawyers will fight Washington L&I for you to get you the benefits you need and deserve. Your initial consultation is free. Contact us today!

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