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Recovery From Construction Site Accidents

Every construction site injury should be evaluated by a team of Washington construction site accident attorneys with in-depth knowledge of workers’ compensation, injury law, and employment law. We are that team. Give us a call to speak to an attorney who can will assess your case and tell you how we can help you.

The legal issues that must be analyzed by construction site accidents lawyers in Seattle are complex and overlapping, and require a thorough and systematic analysis. For each case, we review the following laws, regulations, and documents to determine whether a standard of case has been breached:

  • OSHA standards
  • Employer safety standards
  • Washington state and local safety, building, and jobsite standards
  • Product and equipment design and use standards
  • Engineering and architectural standards
  • Liability and standard of care rules
  • Management duties to prevent jobsite dangers and hazards
  • Third party requirement for jobsite safety
  • Subcontractor and contractor liability apportionment
  • Workers’ comp and L&I safety standards and breaches of duty
  • Employer handbooks, manuals, and guidelines for jobsite and safety requirements
  • Whistleblower rules
  • Administrative claims history (to determine prior safety violations and claims)


With cases that can involve so many different aspects of the law, it’s essential to reach out to Seattle construction site accident lawyers who have experience not just in the law and not just in construction law, but who have vast experience with each particular situation that may arise in your case.

At Emery Reddy, we build multiple theories of liability based upon a breach of one or more of the above listed standards and we litigate these issues to win our clients’ cases. Additionally, we bring parallel workers’ compensation and L&I claims to maximize our clients’ awards. We have the right team of Washington construction injury lawyers to pursue construction accident cases, and our approach works. Give us a call to find out how construction site accidents lawyers in Seattle can help you with your case.

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