Recovery From Construction Site Accidents

Every construction site injury should be evaluated by a team of lawyers with in-depth knowledge of workers’ compensation, injury law, and employment law. We are that team. Give us a call and we’ll tell you how we can help you.

The legal issues within construction and jobsite injury cases are complex and overlapping, and require a thorough and systematic analysis. For each case, we review the following laws, regulations, and documents to determine whether a standard of case has been breached:

  • OSHA standards
  • Employer safety standards
  • Washington state and local safety, building, and jobsite standards
  • Product and equipment design and use standards
  • Engineering and architectural standards
  • Liability and standard of care rules
  • Management duties to prevent jobsite dangers and hazards
  • Third party requirement for jobsite safety
  • Subcontractor and contractor liability apportionment
  • Workers’ comp and L&I safety standards and breaches of duty
  • Employer handbooks, manuals, and guidelines for jobsite and safety requirements
  • Whistleblower rules
  • Administrative claims history (to determine prior safety violations and claims)

We build multiple theories of liability based upon a breach of one or more of these standards, and we litigate these issues to win our clients’ cases. Additionally, we bring parallel workers’ compensation and L&I claims to maximize our clients’ awards. We have the right team to pursue construction accident cases, and our approach works. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through your legal options.

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