Emery | Reddy In The World’s Top 15 Scholarships For Law Students

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By Rosemary, KnowInsiders.com
February 20, 2024 | 06:48

Since law school is renowned for being expensive, any scholarships you are awarded will lower the total amount of debt you have to accrue from student loans. View the World’s Top 15 Best Scholarships for Law Students!

Law school graduates typically have little difficulty securing a respectable salary after graduation, but the majority enter the workforce saddled with student debt. According to a recent American Bar Association (ABA) survey, 90% of respondents graduated from law school with student loans totaling $130,000 on average.

Consider alternative funding options such as scholarships and grants to reduce the amount you must borrow for your education. Because these awards do not have to be repaid, they are effectively free money for your education. Here are 15 law school scholarships that you can apply for.

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