Business Leaders Argue that Automation Will Create More Jobs than it Destroys. Are They Being Honest?

job automation

  There’s a lot of concern about 21st century automation killing jobs both in the U.S. and beyond. And for the millions of workers who’ve been replaced by machines or robots going back to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, this alarm seems warranted. Those higher up the food chain, however, argue that we must embrace this new reality, and characterize the pushback as “burying our heads in the sand.”  Many business leaders claim that training our children for jobs that will no … [Read more...]

Seattle Burger Joint Challenges City’s Soda Tax

soda tax

There wasn’t exactly an urban uprising when Seattle Mayor Ed Murray proposed a tax on soda and other sugary drinks – but one small business owner is fighting his own battle against the measure. Ryan Hopkins, owner of Burger Boss Drive-in, says the mayor’s proposal could force him to raise the price tag on his jumbo soda to $5 or more. He phoned City Hall directly, and when he didn’t get a response, he put a provocative message outside his restaurant to get some attention.  The sign says “HEY … [Read more...]

Working Longer May Keep You Young, According to New Research

Older people in the workplace

Are there health benefits to working until a later age? The medical research is inconclusive, but it seems to tilt toward “yes.” This is especially the case among people who already find their work fulfilling: professionals who are typically office workers, educators and those whose workplace is not, say, a factory or a construction site. More than their parents or grandparents, a large percentage of baby boomers continue to work past their early 60s, often going to many years more. This … [Read more...]

Majority of Americans Say We Should Do More To Help Working Parents


Having kids typically makes it harder to advance in your career, according to overwhelming body of research. According to a new poll, most U.S. workers feel that employers aren’t doing enough to support parents returning to their jobs after they take time off to raise children. 57% report that companies ought to do more to help parents get back to work, according to a HuffPost/YouGov survey. Just 27% believe it’s parents’ responsibility to shoulder the burden and deal with the challenges … [Read more...]

With Obamacare on the Ropes, Many Workers are Rethinking Early Retirement

Love it or hate it, one possible result of repealing Obamacare may be a decline in the number of Americans who can retire early. Workers who reach 65 become eligible for Medicare, but some get retiree coverage from former employers before they reach that age.  Few companies, however, offer medical insurance to retirees, especially among small businesses. If early retirees are poor enough, they may be able to qualify for Medicaid. But to retire early, everybody else would need to turn to the … [Read more...]

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