Seattle Resolution Proposes Income Tax on Wealthy

A proposed income tax on the highest earners in Seattle could move forward to a vote this summer. A resolution sponsored by Council member Lisa Herbold this week aims for a vote by July.The income tax idea has been getting a lot of attention since last week, when Seattle Mayor Ed Murray voiced support for it at a mayoral candidates forum.  But a cohort of local progressive groups (working under a banner labeled “Trump proof Seattle”) says they’ve been working on the plan since … [Read more...]

Boeing Closes Popular Gym for Workers to Meet Budget Cuts

Boeing’s budget ax has fallen on perks for local employees, as well as jobs. The latest cut for Seattle employees came on Friday, when the company shuttered a huge (and widely-popular) gym that once was even a haunt of Dennis Muilenburg, now the company’s Chicago-based CEO. Read more here about Boeing closing its fitness center. The gym, which sits along the Duwamish River near Boeing Field, is heavily used by current and former employees.“I played basketball with Muilenburg there in the … [Read more...]

Seattle Grants Unpaid Leave to City Workers to Attend Anti-Trump Protests

The Seattle City Council passed a unanimous resolution this week which declares May 1 a "day of action" on which city employees are welcome to attend anti-Trump protests rather than going to work.The resolution—put forward by Socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant—instructs supervisors of city departments to remind their work force that they are entitled to take two unpaid days of leave each year for "days of faith and conscience," and that attending Monday's protests is a legitimate use of … [Read more...]

Book Review for “The New Minority: White Working Class Politics”

In his recent book, The New Minority: White Working Class Politics in an Age of Immigration and Inequality, Justin Gest reminds readers that it wasn't so long ago that the white working class occupied the middle ground of American and British politics and society. But in recent years, members of that same group have felt increasingly silenced and ignored by mainstream parties, and drifted out to the political margins. In the U.S. and United Kingdom, economic decline, nativist reactions and … [Read more...]

New Starbucks Maternity Leave Policy Grants Less Benefits to Baristas

Starbucks made the headlines and got some great press earlier this year for extending parental leave to hourly workers, but most people missed the inequality in the fine print: the coffee behemoth is giving much better benefits to its well-paid, white-collar corporate employees.The new policy, which takes effect in October, provides up to 18 weeks paid time off for Starbucks white-collar employees who give birth to a baby. That’s three times more leave than a worker behind the counter of a … [Read more...]

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