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When was the last time you went to a shopping mall? For many Americans, it’s been years — and in many communities, they’ve been shuttered for good. But don’t rush to declare the death of retail. Americans have started shopping more — in old-school stores. From the garden section at Walm...
For those following Amazon’s HQ2 quest, it’s been strangely quiet out there. There are very few clues suggesting whether Amazon will disclose the location of its second headquarters any time soon. Except, perhaps, the calendar. Sept. 7 will mark exactly one year since the Seattle-based tec...
Last month, Bloomberg reported that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has amassed a fortune worth $150 billion. That is the largest amount in modern history, and mind-boggling however you look at it. Bezos is the only hecto-billionaire on the planet. He is worth two million times more than the average Ameri...
Seventy may be the new 60, and 80 may be the new 70, but 85 is still fairly old to be in the workforce. But according to U.S. Labor Department data, it is the era of old workers has arrived. Overall, 255,000 Americans 85 years old or older held jobs in the U.S. economy during the past year. That'...
Following the death of a baby orca whale in the San Juan Islands, and the heartbreaking coverage of its mother, carrying the baby's body through the water for well over a week, a native leader in our region makes an impassioned plea to remove the four Snake River dams, restoring the river and increa...
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