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Charles Moorehead Stokes was a civil rights attorney and judge who had a profound impact on Washington state employment law pertaining to minorities. Born and raised in Kansas, where he attended law school and got his start as a lawyer, Stokes moved to Seattle in 1943. He was drawn to Seattle by ... (Read More)
Washington state lawmakers have introduced identical bills in the House and Senate to tax fruit and vegetable processors that violate any worker protection laws. The proposed laws were inspired by worker fears about contracting COVID-19, according to the bills’ sponsor Rep. Timm Ormsby, D-Spokane... (Read More)
A fruit grower and processor outside Yakima, Washington is the latest agricultural company in the state to face steep fines for ignoring COVID-19 workplace safety and health rules multiple times. The Washington state Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) fined Evans Fruit Co. Inc. $156,00... (Read More)
Workers’ rights group Working Washington has proposed a plan to help minority workers in the coming year, in the wake of the economic devastation these workers experienced in 2020. “Black, brown, and immigrant workers are bearing the greatest impacts — more likely than white workers to be ess... (Read More)
The Seattle City Council voted 8-0 Monday to approve a new law that will reinstate an extra $4 per hour in hazard pay for grocery store workers in the city. “Grocery store workers have been on the frontlines of this pandemic, interacting with many customers each day in hazardous conditions to ens... (Read More)
Washington state investigators have handed out a growing number of hefty fines to businesses violating COVID-19 safety rules designed to protect employees and customers. But none of them even come close to the $2,038,200 citation against Gebbers Farm Operations, LP, one of the biggest apple and che... (Read More)
Firing pregnant workers who can’t perform certain job duties like lifting heavy objects is against the law. But that didn’t stop a pair of FedEx contractors from terminating delivery driver Sarai Alhasawi when she asked for accommodation during her pregnancy in 2018. Washington state Attorney G... (Read More)
Thousands of Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama are scheduled to vote on the formation of what would be the e-commerce company’s first ever labor union. From Feb. 8 to March 29, about 6,000 regular and seasonal workers will have a chance to vote whether to join the Retail, Wholesale and Depart... (Read More)
Workplace safety issues affect all workers, regardless of their age, the industry in which they work, or the language they speak. The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), which handles workers’ compensation claims for injured employees in the state, has released a Spanish lang... (Read More)
After a months-long standoff, U.S. congressional leaders have agreed on a second coronavirus stimulus package aimed at helping struggling American workers and business owners pull through economic devastation caused by the pandemic. In its current form, the $900 billion emergency stimulus bill woul... (Read More)