Young Spanish-speaking workers now have access to safety training app

Photo credit: turan

Workplace safety issues affect all workers, regardless of their age, the industry in which they work, or the language they speak.

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), which handles workers’ compensation claims for injured employees in the state, has released a Spanish language version of its SafeMe app intended for younger workers. The app provides safety courses on common workplace hazards in retail, restaurant and other industries in which younger workers are common.

The safety courses cover topics including workplace violence, fire safety, proper lifting, how to prevent slips, trips and falls, as well as the proper use of protective gear.

The information may be especially helpful to non-English speakers who may be unfamiliar with worker safety rules in their industry. While employers are legally required to provide safety training to workers, that is not always the case. L&I launched the app to supplement employer training.

L&I provides a variety of safety training materials, ranging from basic awareness to rule-specific training.

Knowing the rules helps you prevent injuries, as well as recognize when the injury was not your fault.

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