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Based in Seattle, we are the largest workers’ compensation law firm in Washington, handling Workers’ Compensation claims since 2005. Our award-winning workers’ compensation attorneys have litigated thousands of cases, and many through trial. We’ve won some of the toughest cases in Washington State court and before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. We’ve secured tens of millions in awards for our clients. Our cases have even changed Washington State Law to better protect Washington workers’ rights. Ask around. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Has your firm won stunning awards for their clients? We do all the time.

Don’t wait to call us. There are important deadlines in many cases, and missing one can be the end of your claim. We hear from people every day who missed their protest deadlines and can no longer obtain workers’ compensation and L&I benefits. You won’t find a legal team more devoted to your case. Give us a call and let us start helping you today.

Getting Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Approved 

After your claim is approved, the cost of your rehabilitation and medical care services will be covered by either L&I Seattle (Labor and Industries) or by your employer’s insurance. If permanent disability resulting from the injury prevents you from returning to work, you may even qualify for those lost wages. And if you are unable to return to work, our team has a proven track record of winning structured settlements and L&I pensions in the Seattle and Washington State.

Benefits we have secured for our Workers’ Compensation in Washington:

  • Pensions and structured settlements
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Awards for permanent partial disability
  • Medical coverage, including surgery, physical therapy, prescription drugs, and other rehabilitation services
  • Vocational rehabilitation service
  • Loss-of-earning power benefits
  • Lifetime Pensions for Serious Injuries
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Settlements
  • Structured Settlements

Injured at Work? What you Need to Know:

Labor & Industries (L&I Claims)

If you have been injured at work, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits.  After your claim is approved, the cost of your medical care and rehabilitation services will be covered by either Washington State Labor & Industries (L&I) or by your employer’s insurance.  If permanent disability resulting from the injury prevents you from returning to work, you may even qualify for those lost wages.

Self-Insured Employers

Injured employees of self-insured businesses are entitled to the same workers’ rights and compensation benefits as those who file claims with L&I.  However, in this case it is the employer, rather than Labor & Industries, who will process the claim and compensate the injured worker for losses and damages.  Before you file your claim, find out if your company is among the thirty percent of employers who are self-insured in Washington State.

Retaliatory Practices

It is important for workers’ to fully understand their right to compensation in the event of an occupational injury.  It is illegal for employers to fire, layoff, or refuse to hire a person as punishment for seeking Workers’ Compensation.  These are known as retaliatory practices, and any form of such practice is illegal under state and federal law.

Victims of this sort of retaliation following an L&I suit are eligible for compensation from their employer.  If you have been the victim of retaliatory practices, act now; there is no limit to the amount of compensation that you may be awarded.

Commitment to Compassion

For many injured workers, the suffering continues long after experiencing the initial trauma.  In addition to the physical pain, injured workers’ face mounting medical costs, lost wages, and emotional stress.

Let us help lighten the financial burden by representing your Workers’ Compensation claim.  We will work diligently to ensure that you receive full benefits to cover the cost of your injury.

At Emery Reddy, we know how difficult it can be for victims and their families during this time.  We are committed to supporting our clients throughout the legal process in order to provide the peace of mind necessary for a full recovery.


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