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Workers Denied Claims for Neck and Back Injuries


If a worker has sustained a back injury or neck injury on the job, it is essential that he or she get an accurate diagnosis immediately following the workplace accident to ensure they receive the appropriate medical treatment for a full recovery. Doctors can usually provide an accurate diagnosis with a CT scan, MRI, or myelogram. A knowledgeable workers compensation attorney can assist injured workers throughout both the legal and medical process of their injury claim to ensure they see specialists who are qualified to properly diagnose and fully treat a back or neck injury.


Common neck and back injuries may include a herniated disc, bulging disc, cervical or lumbar disc fractures, stenosis, pinched nerves, arachnoiditis, myelopathy, failed back or post-laminectomy syndrome, and conditions that require disectomies, fusions or laminectomies. A competent workers compensation attorney will also recognize the critical importance of pain management within a comprehensive and successful neck or back injury treatment process.  Unfortunately, many Washington workers are denied approval for necessary pain relief procedures like physical therapy, injections, facet blocks, medication, or spinal cord stimulators. The Washington workers compensation lawyers at Emery Reddy will work closely with your doctor and carefully review your injury case and medical records to ensure that you receive the appropriate medical treatment and collect the full compensation you deserve from your neck or back injury claim.

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