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NFL Sues Insurers Over Football Head Injuries

Football Head InjuryThe National Football League has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in an effort to force more than thirty insurance companies to defend the league against a veritable flood of head trauma and brain injury claims by players and their families. The NFL stated that it has been named as a defendant in nearly 150 suits involving physical and mental injury to its players. The League now argues that the insurers should have been responsible for defending it under its liability policy.


Workers’ Compensation Claims

Many of the firms targeted in the suit have provided insurance for the NFL from the 1960s to today. At present, the league is seeking more than $5 million dollars in damages.

Both current and former players have been involved in lawsuits with the NFL over brain and other physical injuries that they sustained while playing for the league.

The case was filed under “National Football League et. al. vs. Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. et. al., California Superior Court, Los Angeles County, No. 490342.”


 Workplace Injuries

Professional football players, of course, are far from the only group to experience a high risk of head injury during their career. Construction site injuries are statistically the most common accidents in the American workplace, driving thousands of employees to file a workers compensation claim each month.  In other professions, a head injury can occur in more unexpected ways: for example, delivery drivers and sale-people who spend significant amounts of time on the road are susceptible to head and other injuries from traffic collisions. In these cases, however, the party responsible for an injury may be someone other than the workers’ regular employer, making that employee eligible for additional benefits by filing a third party claim. Whatever your profession or work injury – from a minor back injury to a denied L&I claim to a required Independent Medical Examination, the work injury attorneys at Emery Reddy can defend your rights and represent your interests.


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