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Third Party Injury Attorney

Third Party L&I Claims

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Despite the fact that Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries (and agencies like OSHA) require employers to comply with specific safety regulations, thousands of workers are seriously injured or killed on the job each year.

Damages paid to employees injured on the job are usually limited to workers’ compensation benefits; unfortunately, workers’ compensation often fails to cover the full cost of an accident and its aftermath.

Employees injured at work do not have the right to sue employers. However, if your injury was caused by someone other than your direct employer, or occurred away from your place of employment, you may have the right to seek additional compensation through a third-party liability claim. Unlike workers’ compensation benefits, there are no limits put on the amount of recovery in a third-party injury claim. This can entitle you to additional medical benefits and wage-loss benefits, and compensate you for personal pain and suffering as well as loss of services for your spouse.

Third Party Injury Forms

Before filling out or submitting any forms for your third party injury, you should consult with an attorney who can advise you of your legal rights. Even advice from knowledgeable co-workers or employers can leave out important steps that may end up compromising the success of your claim.

Furthermore, do not speak with an insurance company before consulting with your attorney. They are looking to reduce their costs (and therefore the amount of your settlement), and may lure you into making statements that can later be used against you.

Finally, employees who have been injured by a third party may receive forms from Washington L&I, a third party agent, or a self-insured employer. Your personal, medical and financial interests may be jeopardized if you complete and submit these documents without a full understanding of your legal rights. For a free consultation, we invite you to contact a Seattle third party injury attorney directly by phone, or request a meeting on our client scheduling calendar.

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