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April 17, 2023


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What Are Activity Prescription Forms?

Activity Prescription Forms (APF forms) are forms that doctors complete to outline your physical restrictions from an industrial injury. Limits will be injury-dependent, and will determine your ability to work, functional capacities, physical restrictions, and will include a treatment plan.

Activity Prescription Forms are also used by other parties involved in the matter. Employers can use APFs to develop a modified work plan for you during your recovery. L&I claim managers can understand your medical treatment and progress allowing them to authorize time loss benefits.

How Much Does Time Loss Compensation Pay?

Time loss compensation is an L&I benefit that pays a percentage of your income to compensate you for loss of pay if a doctor certifies you are unable to work due to an on-the-job injury.

Time loss compensation pays 60-75% of a worker’s wage just prior to injury. The percentage depends on the number of the worker’s dependents and is determined using the LEP calculator, or loss of earning power calculator.

Activity Prescription Forms Are Essential After A Workplace Injury

APFs are the official document used to let the claim manager and your employer know when, or if, you can return to. Your employer is required to accommodate your APF. If your employer asks you to participate in any activity beyond what your APF outlines, you have the right to tell them that your doctor has restricted you from that task.

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