These Will Be The Most In-Demand Jobs In 2030

January 12, 2018


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nursing home worker helping an elderly woman in a wheelchairWonder if your current job will still be around in 2030? LinkedIn’s Carolyn Fairchild analyzed a study by The McKinsey Global Institute to offer a glimpse into the crystal ball of careers.

Teachers will still be in high demand, As Fairchild argues, “doing jobs that require human interaction (teachers) will become more in demand while… work that requires processing data (accountants) will fall by the wayside.” That’s because automation will replace much of the work done by human data analysts and financial reporters. Sorry, CPAs…the bots are coming for your jobs!

Manager “Soft skills” like managing teams and motivating colleagues will become even more important to employers, writes Fairchild—especially when those candidates have advanced degrees. So the next time you revise your resumé, make sure to highlight leadership experience and the coveted MBA.

Caregiver for Elderly Patients Because baby boomers are getting up there, the home healthcare business is also, well, booming. “By 2030,” writes Fairchild, “there will be at least 300 million more people over the age of 65 globally…In the U.S. alone, if…more workers don’t go into caregiving, there will be a shortage of at least 350,000 paid care providers by 2040.”

IT Consultant Despite well-founded fears about bots coming for many people’s job, spending on technology and innovation only continues to rise, which “could create 20 to 50 million new jobs in both in-house and outsourced IT consulting.” So it may be wise to spend some downtime Koding With Klossy.

Environmentalist A scientist who engineered a plant that promises to address climate change by sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere just won a $3 million prize at the “Oscars of Science” sponsored by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sergey Brin (among others). But they’re not the only green-leaning workers who will be reaping the rewards in the coming years. According to Fairchild, “Investments in renewable energy to combat climate change could lead to 20 million new jobs.”

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